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So not quite the SF lore like the Foo icon, then. Too bad.
What's his origin, tangentally? He was the closest thing to a ninja I could find.
Do tell...
No there aren't. (And they were down to $150 when I bought them. Dunno why, but definitely not complaining.)
"It's good to be king, eh, George?"
Brad Goreski. It and many other photos can be found in this article from the Globe and Mail, a normally by-the-books publication that must be having a "Fuck You! Sincerely, the Editors" moment, because every single caption in that photo list is priceless. Definitely worth a read.
Can't remember off the top of my head, but I want to say the Canali suits were running in the $400s, the Brionis maybe twice that? I'd have to go back and check (and probably pick up the rest of the Hermes pants while I'm at it). Lots of Zegna trou for ~$100, including some buttery-soft cords. Lots of denim from that store, too, but I'm not as familiar with pricing on that stuff.
Yeah, I'm a big fan of that consignment store. They recently started getting NWT overstock from a high-end clothes dealer in Memphis as well, so now they're selling brand-new still-basted Zegna, Canali, Bill's Khaki's, and even some Brioni for pretty damn cheap.
Stopped in my local consignment store to kill a bit of time on my way to the liquor store to pick up the BTAC bourbon. Wound up grabbing a pair of cognac/chestnut brown captoes by Stuart's Choice. Need a good polish, but otherwise in great shape. Anyone know who made them? Grenson? EG? Only last notation above the size is "8001.17". Pics to come soon, hopefully, but they're gorgeous. In your size too, Spoo. Also found a haul of Hermes slacks, worn once, for $98 each....
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