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Beyond the merely annoying and into the educational, this article has some helpful disambiguations. 50, to be precise.
Love these two.
Went with NYR. The colors flowed the best for me (and the flatcap didn't hurt). Acecow's PS threw it off a bit, and TB's...the tie/shirt combo just doesn't work with the jacket color, IMO. I found myself thinking something was very off as I looked through the photos, but when I got to the one where it's tie/shirt/braces and the jacket slung over his shoulder I thought "That looks great!" I just don't think the tan of the jacket works well with those colors.
Yeah, just got my flannel herringbones today. Gorgeous. Makes me really wish I had an extra $400 laying around to pick up another pair of flannels and maybe some pick-and-picks. Sadly, I do not.
Same here. Snagged the very last pair of 32s.
He needs to man up and button that damn thing. Unbuttoned DB, hands in pockets makes the jacket look about 3 sizes too big.
The question is, did whoever made that DB suit for him have to wear welding goggles in order to avoid going blind from staring at that fabric?
I'm not an old pro here, but I think both that length and buttoning point look loads better than any other jacket I've seen you in. I'd definitely recommend continuing that way in the future. (Still don't like that much break in your trou, though.)
Boy, the "Block Member" button sure has been getting a lot of use here lately.
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