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Sad to say that I think the Levi made to measure service has been discontinued for the time being. They sent a letter indicating that it might be reinstated at some future point in time.
Another thing to keep your eye on is how easily a tie will snag (along the lines of how loose or tight the weave is I think). I have several Charvet ties which I love, but have found that they tend to snag quite easily-- usually just a little loop of silk thread that is barely perceptible, but enough to annoy me each time I look at my tie and wonder why I paid so much (even at a step discount) for the tie. Good luck on your quest.
If you don't want to go lesser brands, give eBay a shot. Occasionally, you can get pretty good deals on good ties. All the usual caveats, of course... make sure the seller is reputable and ask lots of questions, etc.
All this tux talk has me thinking about my own upcoming wedding. Has anyone ever had a bespoke tux made by a tailor? Is it more challenging than a suit? I'm thinking about having a bespoke tux made (peaked lapels, single button), but I am a little nervous (about the bespoke tux and the nuptials). I don't think my wedding day would be the best time to figure out that the tailor I chose may have a quality control issue. I know this wouldn't be a problem for Darren or...
Thanks for the tip DandySF. I will check Victor Tailor out.
Can anyone recommend a good tailor in San Francisco or on the penninsula that makes bespoke suits/pants/coats in addition to performing quality alterations?  I see recommendations for LA and NYC, but I haven't seen any in the archives for SF.  Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, GB
Bic Pentameter, I feel your pain. I am considering in an investment in some brown shoes, but am very nervous that I will never wear them since the majority of my pants are grays and dark blues (I work in a business casual environment). I, like Ranjeev, need to take baby steps.
I have had good luck with FedEx for documents (primarily to and from Western Europe and Japan), but I have never used them for packages.  I've also had good luck with DHL for packages from some off the beaten path places.   DHL has offices all over the world and seem to be very good with packages.  I have never used UPS for international packages, so I can't comment one way or another.  Good luck.
IMHO, I think you might want to add a little length to your sleeves and shorten the jacket a smidge (not a technical tailor term). One thing to keep an eye on it that some people, like me, have different length arms so check both arms for fit as well. I (unfortunately) learned the hard way.
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