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Should be a coresponding buttobhole here. And it is not a weird place. Only seen it on bespoke pants before.
No lining at first fitting and you could feel it through the shirt, will be fully lined when finished so it's not going to be an issue. But the swatches I handled prior made me believe it would be softer.
I have a Molloy & Sons sportcoat in the making with NSM. Not finished, but had one fitting. It was heavy and itchy. See how it turns out next time they are in Stockholm.
A G&G bespoke balmoral oxford but with back seam I think they would look a lot better without it A Otsuka different balmoral with some kind of sideseam. But it has the sideseam on the inside and outside. Pictures from the cetipide site. There might be better examples there... Not sure if this is of any help
Looks really nice MrChris! Would be interesting to see better pictures of it, possibly with a better camera and natural light?
Would be very interesting to see some pics if possible.
Paraboot Lorsen boot Dark brown Size: UK 8 In good condition. Comes with original dustbags Purchased from Pediwear Shipping to Europe included in price.
Loake 1880 Dorchester Black captoe shoes Size: UK 7F Not worn much as seen on pictures. Comes with original box and dustbags Purchased from Pediwear Shipping to Europe included in price.
That is patina work from septieme largeur. Probably made just to get attention but try their site http://www.septiemelargeur.fr/ and email them. I wouldn't let that pair near my feet...
I would go up half a size on the 199 last. But that´s my feet. That would likely give relief for the tightness on the side in the toe area. Hopefully I can find a local cobbler that can stretch them like Fritzl recommended (thank you).
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