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Would you mind sharing what the brown wool linen mix is? Loro Piana summer jacketing?
This is helpful information.Could you please provide same info for the broke and bespoke bd collar?Sorry if this has been answered before, have looked for it.Thanks!
Here is an article in english I have only seen one IRL, it looked really nice. There are people here that has had stuff made by them.
The hidden rivets on the back pockets came through rather quickly on my first pair. So on my second pair I just asked them to skip the rivets on the back pockets, not even hidden ones. No problems so far, back pockets have not fallen off yet.
I think sending pictures and also specifying in text is the best solution. Always difficult when something unexpected is done though. Regarding the decorative stitching, it should be easy to remove
I have the exact same experience. I am about to order another pair and was considering adjusting the measurments. But if they "forgot" to hot soak them the first time and does it on my next order everything will be off. I dont know much about denim so I asked another guy here, and was told that they probably always will shrink unless you cold wash them. Mine was washed on 40C, no tumble dry. The shrinkage was more or less exactly what Luxire has mentioned here before.
Grunwald has some nice buttons. Maybe a bit too dark?
Should be a coresponding buttobhole here. And it is not a weird place. Only seen it on bespoke pants before.
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