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I would simply thank him for the information unless he is specifically asking for advice.
Wow, nice haul. I am jealous. Congrats!
Even if I didn't mind the more casual look, I would go with something longer. This appears to be about the same length as a suit jacket.
Zanella Benny Plain-Front Trousers Waist: 38" (19 3/8" measured) Inseam: 32" + 2.5" in hem Grey is a bit lighter than the pictures suggest. $40 shipped
I don't have much of a story, but as a new attorney looking for a job and starting to build a wardrobe, I would definitely appreciate the clothes and put them to good use. The shirts would fit me perfectly, but some of the pants might be a bit on the small side.
If anyone is in Portland, OR, the William Temple House had quite a few Ermenegildo Zegna and other Italian dress shirts in sizes 16.5 and 17 this afternoon. Many had sweat stains around the neck or other wear, but some were in nice condition.
It almost scares me off dry-cleaning altogether. Anyone know of a list of competent cleaners? In particular, I am looking for a new one in Portland, OR, area, preferably to the west of downtown.
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