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Gents, any suggestions for GG replacement laces, specifically for 3-4 eyelets? I can find longer ones ok enough, but not the shorter size. Thanks for the help, gents.
Thank you both for the info. I'm use to hearing this term in relation to automobiles.
What is the difference between suede and alcantara? Is alcantara a synthetic version of suede?
Thank you for your help, it is appreciated.
The unlined ankle is one of the reason i really like the GG chukka, quite comfortable and light. I do want to try a VASS chukka, but my last attempt to size ended with terrible results.
Speaking of triplets, the Arran Trio:
Hi, Gents. How well do Skoak trees fit GG shoes, and what size do you suggest for GG size 9E?
Is this remaining stock from the recent sample sale?
I would email/call them to request a return, and send them the pic. You should not have much trouble, AE customer service is very good.
Anyone tried to email GG about the left over pairs from their sample sale this past weekend?
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