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Bespoke England is running a pre-Black Friday sale: http://www.bespoke-england.co.uk/collections/sale Lots of JL's under $500...
NMWA MTO thread says "Delivery planned for late January 2017"
I better put in that order quick then...
I'm looking at the navy version of the same fabric, weave looks amazing.
MCH92/800 - has a fantastic looking weave. What weight is this fabric?
Nothing more elaborate the the typical SF request I suspect. Drawing is a skill I have, so I try to use it when appropriate. It's a more accurate form of communication at times.
@DWFII @duncanbootmaker Thank you both very much for these amazing videos. The love and care that goes into every process of traditional shoemaking is awe inspiring. Like witnessing a glorious sunset, feeling lucky enough to bare witness. Your continued contributions are very much appreciated, gentlemen.
I'm glad i'm not the only one that does this, i even include sketches with my specs. I always feel guilty about the level of detail i'm specifying, but it's part of the Luxire magic i suppose. At least I hope they see it that way...lol
I have found that Luxire is always willing to help if you approach them with respect and patience.
They need to make the MassDrop x Allen Edmonds 2 eyelet unlined chukka boot in shell (black, brown, & burgundy). I would pay MTO for that, drooling just thinking about it...
New Posts  All Forums: