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A couple of F width options for those as well. Should come in handy for someone.
If it's the BCSP15 one, I believe it's April 18th.
As a single malt man, I frequently settle for 86.
Cheats, I didn't know hard liquor was on the table... lol
It their OTF has a good return policy, that would be my choice. I would not waste my time / money on online MTM with the possibility of no refund if not satisfied. Guinness for me, please...
I believe GG is having their sample sale soon, so maybe you can wait to try your luck on one of those pairs. If you're getting new GGs with trees for $600 (from a reliable source), take them. Those are lightly used on eBay prices.
If you plan to order multiple pairs for your first GG order, I would invest some time in checking fit in a store (if possible). Not sure if BE still sends out test pairs, but I would suggest you inquire.Better than selling a pair for a loss after the fact.
It's works on clearance items, so some good deals can be had as well.
Most 1818 suits I have seen are half canvased, so maybe that is what he was referring to, especially in relation to the website. Golden Fleece I understand is always full canvas, but is available sparingly on the website. I did not know that BB offered suits in the 6K range, what would the specs be on such a suit? I'm use to BB suits being in the 1.5K - 3K range. At the 6K price there are better alternatives IMO in both bespoke and MTM/RTW. However, as much as I like...
Could we get some more info on this briefcase, if still available? Such as color, gusset/s, leather, pocket layout, more pics? Looks nice in the two pictures you posted.
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