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There are certainly some interesting things happening with suede material. Aside from the above multi colored suede, GG is stocking something called highland grain suede in multiple colors. Would love to get my hands on a sample to see what that texture feels like.
Ah, that is great news! Would you suggest I stay with the same size of 10.5 by chance?
So the MTO range is essentially (D) narrow, (E) standard, (F) wide?I wonder if i can get away with an F width then, my typical GG size is 10.5 G (extra wide) and I believe they run narrow.
Wait, JF shoes are available in wide fits?
That makes sense, thanks for clarifying.
Thank you for taking the time not only in taking apart the suits so meticulously, but for describing the intricacies in detail and creating great looking info graphics.I look forward to seeing the next 11...
Some say you can't gather an pinion of a brand's construction standards, until you fillet and gut x11 examples...
What a great contest, can't wait to see what other people come up with! Questions, can we adjust the xlsx pattern in any way, and when is the contest end date?
It's a bit tough to advise, considering you have closed down any online options. Honestly, if the online retailer has a good return policy, it would be work reconsidering. Your current options are slim, and it would seem that BB would be the most advisable recommendation. Were their slimmer fits not to your liking (Regent, Milano, Own Make)? I'm not sure what your Nordstrom Rack carries, but sometimes they get in stuff like Polo RL, RL Black Label, Canali, mainline...
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