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I felt the same way in regards to Laphroaig, but I found that Lagavulin hit the right spot for me. Even HP has some peaty tones to it, if you are looking for just a hint of peat in your dram.
I'll throw in Old Pulteney 12, and Glenfarclas 10 or 12, and maybe a Springbank 10 (just a bit more than HP 12 price).
If you can sit down and feel that your buttons are not going to pop off, you are probably ok.
Damn, I want another Arran too...
Nick has one on his blog:
Identity theft & email spoofing come initially to mind. You can't underestimate the deviants on the internet to leverage any type of personal info. Such is the world now...
I would remove your personal info from the above. The internet is not kind with such info.
Thanks for the correction, it makes more sense now.
Wait, so you're saying it will be handlasted like a bespoke model, but on a RTW last? That is pretty amazing.
Is the Savile made to a higher spec, or does it just include bespoke accessories (box, bags, trees)?
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