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What shipper does GG use? My next order will be direct from them, so I was curious.
Looks like DG70 to me, looks great.
Very helpful. I see a wensum sole chukka in my future for sure, and a wingtip hatch grain / calf combo makeup. Thanks for the feedback.
How do those Wensum soles feel? Does the hatch grain have a soft feel to it?I'm always worried about stiffness of stamped / textured leather.
Amazing, your chukka is Jubei approved
This croc chukka would also be grail worthy for me:
I like the idea of croc on a plain toe shoe. Would not mind any of these one day:
I thought he was studying architecture, but applied for fashion designer jobs after graduation because he liked it better. I've seen him say this in interviews.
Your observations are fair. I have noticed the leather does lose a little color in the creases on some colors, and the finishing on new soles does not like water for sure. I have not experienced the easy sole denting or upper collapsing on the arch like that though.I would email that arch pic to GG, see what they advise. You might get some answers.
I would differ to your daughter's requested attire here. If black tie is specified for all the guests, i would try to oblige. If there is no real attire directive, it would depend on time of day. If it's a day wedding go with your light grey suit, if an evening wedding, try to go with something darker like a charcoal or navy suit. My two cents...
New Posts  All Forums: