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I'm seriously amazed at the fact that he still personally responds to email inquires. I always feel guilty when he responds to my emails, like i'm keeping him from more important matters.
It's getting rough in this affiliate thread Honestly, it's going to be a tough sell on this forum for any new / unknown vendor here. I feel like the ones that succeed are open to constant scrutiny, and adopt a strategy of transparency. There is a lot of competition already from existing vendors, but for what it's worth good luck to you RockDove.
Shine looks good, enjoy yourself good sir and congrats! What GG model is that by the way?
Completely agree, that makes complete sense to me. I like the flexibility and lightness of the single, so it's what I enjoy best. I can see the need for double or rubber in different cases. My GG boot with HAF soles and toe taps feel equally correct on that shoe to me. They are a nice change of pace at times.
Friend, it is all personal preference based on your needs. I have three Arrans with single soles, with no taps or topy. Single sole is my go-to now for GG, I put my trust in the quality of the Barker soles. I would not blame others for doing different however.
Might just have to stay the course then.
Gents, I need some recommendations on iconic GG oxford models. Any thoughts? Trying to take advantage of the anniversary promo, and so far I'm only inspired to pick up the Walkton in a combo leather make-up. I have the St. James, so I would like to order a different model here. Might just pick up the Oxford (cap toe) model, since incredibly I don't have this staple in my wardrobe still.
This looks beautiful, will have to come back for this.
@LuxireStudio What is the current turn around time for peacoats?
I would argue that it might be some what common, but certainly not normal. We forget on this forum that a typical GG customer (or any shoe customer for that matter) is not expected to have shoe construction knowledge as a prerequisite of on going shoe care. A can of shoe glue is not an essential part of a shoe care kit.This is a small construction issue, which should be handled by a professional if possible. While it might be a simple fix for those that have the tools...
New Posts  All Forums: