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If it's anything like other brand's midnight blue, I'm thinking leather lotion / conditioner and neutral polish.
Gents, does AE still have some form of MTO program going?
Try a little talcum powder, worked for me.
As an alternative, you should take a look at No Man Walks Alone affiliate website (also based in NYC). They have some Inis Meain pub jackets that might fit the bill.
This is the same size i ordered for my blind VASS order, and it was incredibly cramped for me as well. Even more so probably because i take a half size larger than you in general i believe. Even so, these look good enough to give me short term amnesia...
The Deco last is not for everyone (including myself), the others are lovely though.
http://www.allenedmonds.com/shoes/shoe-care/laces/basic-glazed-replacement-laces/SF817.html?dwvar_SF817_color=817#q=laces&start=1Get the 30" browns, you'll be alright...
These are good rules to abide by.I sometimes even forgive some finishing issues like inconsistent polishing or less than favorable looking welt & stitching. My big pet peeve is the quality of cut on the leather, which is a coin toss now that AE uppers are cut by machine.
This is a tough question for me when it regards Firsts. I remember AE quality 5 years ago, and their QC process was so much better back then. Visiting my AE store today, and i'm not sure what to think about the quality of even on some of their display shoes. This is something i have talked to my SA's about recently, and it has been noticed by them as well.The value of Firsts are not what they use to be IMO, especially considering all of the completion (even from their...
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