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Trying out my new camera today, St. James for the occasion:
I'll rephrase, do you like the hatch grain leather in comparison to a smooth calf leather?
@tuj544 That's a good looking GG Isham, how are you finding the hatch grain leather?
Monks look fantastic, congrats! GG Oakham is a great double monk.
I guess the question should be, do you wear casual clothing or suits most of the time? Black is just a more conservative shoe color. Less versatile as a loafer color, which are inherently casual. However brown goes well with blue, tan, and grey suits if the occasion arises. It's up to you though, if you had your heart set on a black pair, get the silver bit version. More cohesive combination IMO.
They all look like classic Gucci loafers to me, however if they are being worn with mainly casual clothing you should consider a brown pair instead.
Not sure what your budget is, or what good MTM operations there are in England. So maybe others can advise better here. However, the staple blazer/sports jacket color would be a shade of navy. You should look for either hopsack or fresco like materials, in a light wool or linen blend, which would be light and breathable, and go either half or quarter lined. Stick with jacket details that distinguish a blazer/sports jacket from a suit jacket, such as patch pockets,...
That's a fair point, but since Skoak is no longer a retailer/stockist, what are the current alternatives moving forward?
Honestly, with the dropping GBP a St. James from the Skoak website (US) is higher priced than one from the GG website ( $1150 vs converted $906). If you take into consideration that you will probably pay some kind of duty and shipping ordering through GG's website, the difference is probably negligible. Even Leffot has the St. James at $1150 right now, so it looks like all avenues for GG's are pretty comparable right now.
Is it too soon to ask if anyone has is starting to get news on their anniversary MTO shoe orders? I was told mid February is the ETC, but considering my order was placed late November It seems pretty ambitious a timeline.
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