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That's rough, 12yr was $100 last time it was available here, haven't seen it for a while though.
That's one of my favorites, but that certainly makes it a pricy proposition for a 12ryr, cask strength or not.
Don't think it's the famous 40% off one item coupon, but I got a promo mailer from BB that basically offers the same deal. Dec. 5-17 in store 40% off one full retail price item, and 25% off the rest of your purchase. Online only gets the 25% off promo during this period.
I can still get 18 for $200, but Rare Cask goes for $300 here, so i'm hesitant to purchase it over the 18. Older bottles of 18 do jump quite a bit, my oldest is a 1991 and has certainly increased as well.
Is that any good, worth a buy instead of getting the 18?
You gents planning to reorder any Frank Clegg English briefcases by chance, or offer MTO?
Thank you for the insightful response, certainly makes sense. Do you think wide widths might be something feasible in the future for your brand? I would like to show support with more than just my words one day.
@SpooPoker is the gauge of Sozzi cotton socks thicker or thinner than Pantherella cotton socks?
I would guess that either end of this month or before year's end for you. But I do recall that they go on holiday in December, but i don't remember how long it lasts.
Took me a while, but i settle on these two: [[SPOILER]] I'm excited...
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