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Got some Rota fawn trousers, flannel looked amazing.
Thanks for the help everyone, now it's time to bug my local AE with some allocations.
This is some great info, thanks for taking the time to do this!Based on convenience, i'll look into the Arezzo (10.5 EEE), suede Cavanaugh (11 EEE), and if i'm lucky maybe they still have old suede Lucca inventory (how did I miss that model). I like the look of the Patriot, I'll see if they have any old stock of those as well.
Glad to hear the Arezzo is roomier in general. I noticed on the Verona 2 they changed the last a bit, maybe the Arezzo is made on the old Verona last? I have high arches, flat, wide feet. Usually either 10.5-11 EEE, depending on the last.
Circle of life on this forum, thanks for the advice on skipping this model.I have such a hard time with AE loafers. Veronas are the only ones that fit well, but after 4 pairs I think I'm in need of a change of pace. Might get the Arezzo, like the idea of a mini lug sole, even thought it's also a bit loafer.
BIG +1This is my local AE store, and I can personally recommend working with any of the gents there. I have done so for years...
Probably 2-3 of each. I'll know for sure in a few days, send you a PM then if that's ok.
Anyone have some feedback on the Cavanaugh loafer? Looking to pick up some new loafers from AE, and wanted something different than the Verona I always pick up. Not sure how the Cavanaugh compares in terms of fit, comfort, and durability.
Do you have any of the following still available? Size L - anthracite melange - short socks Size L - solid navy - short socks
Will there be any Frank Clegg pre-orders by chance?
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