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At that price range you could get a used Omega de Ville at auction/ebay. This is a classically styled watch that can be used for work and to wear out at night and if looked after will last a lifetime. Here is an example. and if you get a move on you could have this one. You've got under half an hour Good luck!
Sweaver. You can't pass So why do you keep trying to pass? With your black suit
Desert boots seem to be popular here but I would never wear them personally. Like junior varsity above, I err towards the dressy side even in jeans. If it was with a polo or short sleeved shirt then loafers or deck shoes, with a shirt and/or knitwear, brogues or a derby or similar. I have a nice pair of brown gucci slip on dress shoes which have a good worn in look and go well with jeans now. Desert boots just remind me of the '90s craze (amongst chavs) to wear...
Ah yes
Before you dump you must PIITB. confused:??? Put it in the bidet? I thought that was after you dump:)
Agreed that the Canadian tit bars are top notch. Anything goes. I was at one in the UK with about 6 friends when it turned out that one of the strippers (who was close to the door as we were going in) was an ex gf of one of the guys so we got in for free and they put on a private lesbo show for free for us. We stayed there for a couple of hours and spent a fair bit but when we left to go to a club, we arranged for a few of the girls to come for a party at my friends place...
It's too early in the mormon for this nonsense
7 pages and no one has said it yet Dream Job? Blow job. From Gina Gershon.
London, Manhatten, Nice, Monaco (although there isn't a great lot to do here in the long term, it's well situated), Madrid (possibility this may happen soon), Sydney, Edinburgh... .....and probably many more that I haven't visited yet.
Another thought is that you could get one of those mirrors on a telescopic pole that the special forces use for shooting baddies around corners. Or even the highly polished toe of a derby slipped under the partition may be enough to see the reflection of the elusive lavvy creeper.....
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