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I just picked up my first pair today! CC in chestnut yearling with a non-slip sole. Looks a lot sleeker soled than many of the chelsea's I've looked at with dainite, but will be essential here where you never know when the rain is coming (only that it will come at some point!). So far well pleased! Cheers
Timberland? http://www.timberlandonline.co.uk/on/demandware.store/Sites-TBLGB-Site/default/Link-Category?cgid=men_footwear_boots cheers
At this rate whipping boy there won't be any tailors left in the UK willing to make you a suit!
Tom from Barrington Ayre is my regular shirt tailor and is doing the bespoke Great Coat that I have threaded about so I will second this recommendation!
Agree with the slouchy 'boyfriend' jean look - real dislike! However, the tapered jeans and heels thing is right up my street. Probably thanks to a girl I used to go out with, who looked so unbelievably hot when rocking this look (she was so out of my league!) shame she wasn't a keeper! Cheers
I love 'We R' (Replay's high end line) but they are nearly impossible to get anymore :-( so I generally wear Diesel, as they offer the best fit, value and range of styles to suit my various wardrobes! Cheers
My daily (well, it swaps in and out with a TAG Kirium) Cheers
^^^He originally carried a Beretta!
Interesting in what way? The RAF was formed in 1918. That photo was (I believe) taken in Dec '39.Will post pics as soon as.Cheers
Swiego - they aren't for wearing, they're just for looking at! seriously though, I'm a tennis pro by trade so I spend most of my work life in trackies and trainers, our office dress is smart-casual so with dark denim and a shirt or polo these should look very tasty! Cheers
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