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Yep, definitely sounds like you would benefit from a de-load week - follow your usual programme, but drop the weights 10%
Under Armour original boxerjock - winner every time
Duplicate post
Indeed it does...https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/ftc-takes-major-action-against-shinola-demands-where-american-is-made-slogan-to-be-dropped-immediately
^^^ Just to reiterate what some others have said - as you are in the UK, spend a boring wandering up and down the Row and surrounding streets and pop into a few and have a chat. I was looking to a suit cut for my wedding a few years back and did exactly that - some I spoke to were incredibly friendly and couldn't be more happy to discuss their particular house style, what they might recommend given what I was after and a offer up a suggestion of fabrics to look at (one or...
^^^ Even at $300 that seems a touch expensive for a watch powered by a movement that sells at retail for around £5 and with dials that come from Taiwan, from a company who bought the name of a shoe polish manufacturer? When you consider that you can pick up some incredibly well made offerings from Steinhart, Stowa and Laco with manual and auto movements and genuine horological heritage at a similar price point? If you really like the watch then that's great, but I think...
Just in - 1880 Kempton Suede Chukka in the rather excitingly named "Brown"
On paper that looks like a pretty "good" diet - next step is to figure out how much you are eating, whilst the foods you are consuming would generally be considered "healthy" (especially if you are eating organic produce and grass fed meats and dairy), you could still be over eating for your energy expenditure. Try MyFitnessPal for a week or two and track what goes in to get a sense of where you're at - if you're "accidentally" eating 1000 calories of oatmeal and dried...
Rich Froning in well known to have "trained" using more traditional fitness mechanisms - powerlifting, bodybuilding etc.Crossfit is not "training" it is "exercise" - training involves working towards a specific goal and has defined outcomes for the work done. Crossfit involves randomly throwing together exercises on a daily whim You can probably guess I am not a fan - although I give them credit for their marketing prowess and getting people off their sofa's and into the...
My "poor man's" MilSub... Fantastic build quality at a very reasonable price - has barely been off my wrist since it arrived as it suits so many different environments - If I could be a one watch man (which I never could, but if I had to) then this might be "the one".
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