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Rocky. I normally shoot for 16 grams.
Decreasingly relevant. I was a double major in English and Classical Studies. First job was in academic publishing (very relevant), then I began working in online marketing for an ecommerce business (less relevant, but facility with words is useful). Now I'm in process of changing careers to become a web (software) developer. Although Classics was not relevant to my ultimate career choice, I wouldn't take it back. It taught me discipline, how to study, and what it means...
I am a (budding) website developer. I have no experience with Squarespace, so can't speak to that. I would recommend Wordpress. It is a capable platform and very easy to use. As a non-coder, you can definitely do it but it may take up a good chunk of time (I would say at least 10-20 hours if you're looking to make a simple, content rich site with nothing more complicated than an e-mail contact form). A great feature about wordpress is that it is very well documented. If...
You can cover her with a belt, as well.
Houkah, as far as I can tell, they are fine. I'm wearing them right now and don't have any of the problems you mentioned. Sorry to hear about that.
So El Argentino said I should consider either hem or taper, but if I got them tapered, wouldn't they still need to be hemmed? or is that assuming that stacking would take care of the length? Thanks for the feedback. I was nervous before posting here, but I'm glad I did. I appreciate the contrasting points of view, and I'll have to make up my own mind, but I appreciate the perspective.
Thanks Argentino. My plan for the length was just to cuff them, like in the last picture. I thought cuffing vs hemming was just a matter of preference, but is there something I'm missing about why you would hem these rather than cuff? Also, won't the length shrink once I eventually wash them? Sorry for all the noob questions. I appreciate your feedback.
I wanted to bump this because I had some problems posting and when it made it through moderation, it was buried a few pages deep. Thanks to the mod Fok for helping me out and being patient.
Total newbie here. I just bought my first pair of raw denim jeans in the Gilt N&F sale last week. Normally I would have done a lot of research before buying, but I was afraid of missing out on the deals, so I pulled the trigger on a pair of 34 Slim Guys. I've now read through about 50 pages of this thread, but wanted to get your opinions on the fit: I now have a much better idea of fit (I thought denim shrank, but turns out the opposite is true: it stretches!) and...
Total newbie here. This is my first raw denim. I got it in the Gilt sale last week. I would have done a lot more research before buying, but I was afraid of missing out on the deal. I've now read through about 50 pages on this thread, and will keep going, but wanted to know what you think: When I purchased, I didn't even realize that denim stretches. (I thought the opposite.) So I think I could size down, but with the Gilt sale I don't think I can exchange for a...
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