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Sorry again for posting another fit question but how does the double zip rangers fit compared to Wyatt ? I'm a 40. Thank in advance.
I'm a size 27/28 for reference. And just like Needhelp123 i use the 3rd hole (out of 5) with the 80. Can use the 4th but 3rd is good for my liking too.
Just received my 3 passants belt, love it, it's a size 80, would you guys recommend a size 85 instead ? (Nvm the messy tee)
Do you guys know how the 30s chelseas size compared to the 40 Wyatts ? I'm between a 39.5/40 in Wyatts. Would a 40 in chelsea be alright ? Thanks in advance and happy new year's eve to every one.
I assume you are the same person : Btw, do they really retail at this price ? I know non tinanium are already at 2k€ but...
It was a 42, but I believe it's sold now ( for a very good price btw! Under 2000€ if I recall).
Good to know that cors is softer! Hope my scarstitch turned out good!
The scarring and color on those grey folded derby! Love it
No actually these are lookbook pictures, the one I'm referring too is in black and white and seemed taken from an edito or else. Thanks anyway!
I'm looking for a picture and (if possible the whole set/editorial/book it's from). It's the famous ccp model (the moustache guy) wearing a pentasir sweater (the same as the asian guy above, color 3). Not the lookbok standard picture.
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