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Yes, it's this one : http://www.mattotti.co.jp/shelter/shopping/index5.htm I said shelter2 but it's the blog's name.
Where does that information come from ?
Perfect thanks, color is exactly what I expected.
Does anybody here have a picture of a jacket in cors-ptc/12 ? I know the color looks really close to 10 on cul ptc but I wonder if it will be the same in cors. As for the wait I'm at 12months for my derby, in size 5 too.
You should look on Superfuture too, some C.C.P usually pop there. Great list Uzairh ! Btw, VIT-PTC and CHEW-PTC are both calf if I recall.
Are you 100% sure ? Because usually he put the non-available items in the "Archives" section or in the "Pending" section when re-ordered.Anyway, the boots are stunning, way better in this version imo.The new arrivals at The Office are awesome, the colors...
- Shippings/Paypal fees not included - Everything is sent with a tracking number - Feel free to ask anything you want Boris Bidjan Saberi FW12-13 P11-F1580 Price : 650.00€ or best offer. Condition : 9/10 What to say about those beautiful... pictures speak by themselves. Probably one of the pants that shows Boris greatness in what he does. Rusted metal buttons, waxed and pressed cords, amazing cut. Perfect for both winter and summer seasons. These are limited to 33ex...
That white scarstitch is beautiful! And at least one jacket that fit the guy correctly. Because when I see this... I hope he returned it.
Paul Harnden Cropped Chamois Pants Size XS (pretty much free, see the measurements) Dark green shades with an amazingly soft texture. Fully lined with poplin. Really agreable to wear. Measurements : Waist 40cm / Hem 20,5cm / Length 83cm / Inseam 45cm
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