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It's like practical joke , but with bodily harm.
So what? Their clothes automatically become 1980's?
+100. Great 1970s costumes. Top movie of 2014, costume designer should be nominated for an Oscar.
Did you already mentioned from which manufacturer and which style you want?
I can never fully get into Italian movies, they are stylistically foreign to me : too staged , too over the top, the language is too sophomoric the exploration of 'subject of the movie' are often very superficial and cavalier. They often remind me of movies from Georgia/ Armenia or some Middle-Eastern bad movies. I realise that the common language of Italian filmmakers and their point of view are deeply foreign to me. With exception of Pazolini and particularly Marco...
It is nice to get a discount no doubt , but honestly , unless you are buying items that each cost in excess of 500 , 10% discount is almost irrelevant for anything less pricy. Just buy it anyway if you like it. Think how much time , money and effort you have saved by not going to the store and buying online......At least that is my take on Yoox sales.
OO7 - Booooring, flavourless, formulaic chewing gum.
It is 3 roll 2.
"shipping forwarder", that's how.
Love these chairs. Don't know who is the designer...by their look it is probably one of the Brazilian mid-century folks.
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