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Noiceee, dark checks are easy to match. What was the final price? In Caruso I always size down.
These are probably as close as art can come to being common and utilitarian. Most likely it is very professionally executed, yet it makes me look at it and feel Ughhh. As if I saw a wall tapestry with swans or some elks.
I would put thin mattress (as thin as possible) and smaller size than the frame. You have mad skills bro.
Horrible products, awful idea on so many levels I almost wish for them to go bankrupt tomorrow. Gimmiky bull shit for brainless urbanite, looser-types. They should have a man dressed as a robot greeting everyone . Grrrrr.
Italian shoes and clothes are 10 to 20% cheaper in Europe even with 22-27% VAT included in those prices. US YOOX became incredibly pricey lately. It has been getting up in prices for some time but last time I checked mid to high Italian products are significantly higher priced than in EU. It used to be a reverse situation few years ago...
US Yoox is so overpriced compared to European that it needs 45% coupon to make it interesting
It's like practical joke , but with bodily harm.
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