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Wow, those stuntmen have split-second reactions.
Lovely chairs & table I would buy in a heartbeat, by Erich Menzel
Just clean your palate with a Batman movie.
I almost made it through this juicy bit of literature, after 10,0001 coitus I gave up feeling exhausted.
Lol.P.S. I think I get it where MoFo is coming from. It could be fakery in some cases or it could be better way to make veneered furniture. I hate poplar base with exotics on top. After a few humidity changes the whole thing looks a mess and requires constant attention of restorer. Same goes for solid wood furniture, I completely discarded that idea after observing a few solid-wood pieces in my homes shrink ,warp and crack. My conclusion is : plywood with exotc veneer on...
From France Rare and pretty delicious Champagne. I bought 1996 carafe of this and it was pretty delicious. Took a chance on these 1989 wines, hopefully they are intact. Not a bargain but at a third of a retail will do. 1989 was not an exceptional year according to my Millesime chart but it is a good vintage nevertheless. Bargain would have been L'Espiegle 1998 that is avail. in US for around 30USD Bought lot of original drawings all signed and dated from 1930s. The guy...
It requires multiple viewings to get into the groove of this film. It is epic. Raft scene is simply phenomenal.Kinski shot some local crew by firing pistol at their camp in his nightly delirium.
Thanks for the warning, the premise of sitcom made into movie makes me wanna sleep. EXODUS by Ridley Scott was garbage. Pointless, badly directed mess.
Explain recessed lighting to me. Why?
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