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That closeted homosexual really thinks that sneaking across nation's border in order to benefit yourself financially is similar to jaywalking or speeding? What a fucked up world we live in where a person pretending to be libertarian is censoring another person's speech out of political correctness.
They are feeling this election slipping away from them, but the most beautiful thing is Obama does not give a shit. To him this is all a game, he goes into rediculous hyperbola so much you don't know if he is mocking Clintons or really stomping for them.
Perhaps your golf-course community should invite Angelina to give you a lecture on oenology. As long as you call her professor and don't make an eye contact she might agree.
Now if Angelian Jolie were invited to teach at Trump University I would think that this combination is very fitting. Sadly she deserves to be called professor as much as Obama deserves to be called Nobel Prize laureat.
What attracted Hillary to Huma? Is it their common ability to select a life-partner who is dysfunctional sexual deviant? There is much to ponder here.Clintons what tickles them? Apparently their business associates end up in jail or dead, they strike partnerships with international criminals on the lam. Even their only child carries that Clinton gene for criminality, she could not help but married a son of financial fraudster and complete conman who was convicted and...
No debate about economic predictions would be complete without an inpiut from this disntiguished scolar: https://www.yahoo.com/news/angelina-jolie-still-set-teach-231500189.html P.S. Is this the end of classical education or just a sign how seriously we should take the whole field? Next up professor Snooki....
You might have what they call a water-hammer. http://www.plumbingmart.com/water-hammer-information.html
Fountain you say, hmmm I think you are ready for family crest: http://www.patrickdamiaens.be/
I like big kitchens with dining options, but as separate spaces with good ventilation, light and doors. I like when kitchen opens up to non living space like a lobby or corridor. I don't' like when kitchen opens up straight into sitting area or living room it looks cheap to me even in apartment. Bathrooms and toilets imho have to open up to corridors and not into rooms. That is why I prefer 19C architectural designs. I noticed a space argument and I think US homes on...
New Posts  All Forums: