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Did they intentionally want to come across as gay couple?
More of a sanitarium
Turkish Lives Matter!
"This is a horrible racist picture. You should be ashamed of yourself."
Lol, is that from "Onion"?
I feel that taking in consideration Erdogan's personality and his public image there must be enormous pressure exerted onto him to make this embarrassing (in the eyes of radicals) move. Something is going on , somebody putting a lot of pressure on him and it is not US or EU.
"Turkish President Apologizes to Putin for Downing of Russian Military Jet", ............A year later ? WTF? Why? I cannot belive it is just sanctions. Something changed majorly in Turkey's relationship with US... www.aljazeera.com/news/2016/06/turkey-erdogan-russian-jet-160627131324044.html
You can say the same pretty much about all liberal arts pursuits or African Amer. studies.
You have Globalisation-light in Europe , so you don't know how bad the displacement affects people in US. It is terrible and not just for working class. The whining you constantly hear might be due to your location.
Brexit result is a proof that a referendum valve sometimes gets clogged by unexpected outcome and then a bigger valve is needed to make sure that electorate would swallow the inevitable negation of their collective will.
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