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LV travel case with top-opening lid. I only use top-lid kits as they let me actually find stuff inside. Good vinatge condition, some rubbing on the inside of the linning and some small marks from cosmetic products. 28x20x8 cm
Pile of shit sofa by Ubald Klug (1932). Germans are obsessed with their bowel movements.
Is this unusual to have toilet bolted to the floor? Is this 'code' or some homey improvised shit?
I am not familiar with HM leather grades, but generally there are 3. 1. Split leather (not really leather outside of US), 2. Protected or plastic covered leather (to protect from aging and patina), 3. Unprotected leather (natural vegetable tanned). The difference is easy to see in person or by wet finger test. Wet finger will leave temporary dark spot on unprotected leather, the other grades will act like plastic.
Groupthink and homogenic design are the staples of Scandinavia.
A few small things for my feminine side (yes it means for myself). First, I use VASS shoecare kit (105USD) as my travel shaving kit. It is made to the highest quality of any toiletry bag I've seen. http://www.vass-cipo.hu/Eng/Kiegeszitok/Kiegeszitok_04_Nagy.html The leather is superb quality French calf (exotics if you lucky) the outside of the bag is padded lightly and the inside is lined in cream leather. Zipper is metal-which I prefer. Isnide the bag among creams and...
Take phonepics ,this thread could use more visual info.Great choice on color.I used to live in recently remodleled apts. in NYC and most of them inexplicably had those fugly cherry-wood floors of reddish-brown vareity. I suspect it affected my mood a lot.
I take a wild guess and say that your Walnut floor is going to be chocolate brown color when it is finished. (If I guessed it right my advise would be to leave it a natural color. There is nothing more depressing than a dark floor in a dark room with small windows and 8 feet ceilings)
Home Depot sells soundproof board in very large sheets. It works for walls I am sure it would work for floors. When considering hardwood in US we are talking about floating floors with a few millimeters of wood weneer as top surface. That floor glues to gether and assembles like a dream. Do it yourself and enjoy the savings. Prices for installation are a rip off ,I have been quoted from 6 to 10 per sq foot for something a child can do. The only time consuming part is...
Noise is one 'reason' I have heard the other one is my fav. it's for the kids, carpet is safer...P.S.You cannot buy a condo from 1960s in Northen Europe without hardwood floors.
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