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Lol, in Belgium house renovations last longer than marriage.
There was a movie about WB it was called The Departed.
None of the cities you have listed suffered from an A-bomb. Armless Hiroshima chair is funny because of A-bomb connection and radiation , do you get it ? No? Still playing dumb or not playing and being all serious?
Movies like these should be taxed at 98% rate by the government and funds reinvested in failing education.
Nah , it looks like a lot of bad make up and rehashed scene from "Good Fellows".
Nope, the original name of the chair is stupid, nothing wrong with joking about a stupid name.
My favorites are Nagasaki two-legged stool and Ho Chi Minh napalm rugs.
Whaaat? You don't have a wine-cellar under your McMansion? I always thought you are a bigtimer until I read that you own a wine-fridge (how vulgar, how middle-class).
I really like bamboo, grass technically but who does like a good grass. Hard as oak and looks good even with superficial knife marks. Really hard wearing surface.
Workout? If I had space and resources I would put swimming pool or that aqua gym. Swimming is the best exercise ever. Easy on your heart , good for joints and muscles makes you flexible and fit without suffering from sweat and heat exhaustion , no need for extra ventilation or A/C, your body cools instantly in a water. And you can never hurt yourself swimming. Perfect exercise but expensive.
New Posts  All Forums: