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Are you saying it has as much handwork as Kiton?
Don't be timid, styleforum can use a shitstorm of good old yesteryears. Now, how much handwork your bar has?
Lol, and here come the wisdom from a resident juvenile delinquent (or as he prefers: l'enfant terrible).P.S. I enjoy 'freshcutgrass' informed and elloquent posts.
Nice painting of early Spring by modern Russian artist. from auction in Dressden.
New , Size 42. Payment via PayPal personal ,shipping is charged to the buyer at cost. http://blog.bergdorfgoodman.com/mens-style/pitch-perfect-the-new-charvet
That table is quite generic, so I would not fuss about it. It seems it would make a better coffee table. Cut them off!
Fresh orange boletes and porcini mushrooms that I colected and then fried, dryed for later. All togeather around 300g of dry shrooms . Will be used for soups, pies and addition to pasta souce. I like collecting mushrooms even more than eating them. The walk through prestine red pine forest with mossy rocks everywhere interrupted by occasional lake. The cool fresh air and smells of forest..., heaven
Let's talk sanctions against RU and war against ISIS and how all of this mess started by US is lifting the USD. Unwittingly Obama finally makes lemonade. Buy Euro on weakness? Share good ideas: this is a huuuuge mess and there must be a Whale-size opportunity to make money, but where?
Well now they have to comply with shady practices of Wall Street, so it is completely safe to invest.
Let's talk about BABA (Alibaba) IPO. I am going to jump on it on the day it is open. Thoughts?
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