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Certainly all good points, but I am willing to sacrifice a bit of comfort for style.
Thinking of installing Fontini electrical switches in my home. Anyone have experince with them? My concern is reliability. http://www.lab-electro.com/catalog/fontini/switch/fontini.html For the bathrooms: For the rooms: I' ve never realised that there are so many options and designs...
Not bad, but I prefer Astro G-plan, which is probably much cheaper.
Art Deco cigarette box (silver and burl wood) Picked it up in Rome from the street vendor.
Very impressive design. The leather seam on the back is not proper, should be hidden, don't think it was intended to show like that.
Great building , terrible interiors. Interior looks like a collection of interesting pieces of furniture that hate each other.
Do you guys know about an awesome series called: "Grand Designs"? It is the best home building/renovating TV show in the world! This Old House is an amateur hour compare tho this series.
Amazing effort and vision, like it or not I admire people who spend money on personal visions like this house. Some of the water-features have tacky mosaics but the rest is pretty remarkable.
Hold it , that stock is cheap at 17 P/E. Look at Amazon or Netflix P/Es now those people are smoking crack.
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