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ST. VINCENT - with Bill Murray is a brilliant little movie. Everyone is great in it. Murray is at his best, Naomi Watts was hillarious as Russian whore. Crank - is hillarious parody of action movies (they went full retard).
Sterling silver clothing brushes late 19 or early 20 century. Probably German. Polishing with Renaissance wax and they shine beautifully.
I would NOT recommend white marble top for Saarinen. They don't seal it well at Knoll, and aftermarket sealers are ineffective. White marble tops are extremely high maintenance.
Supertight high-water pants sindrom.
Thank you for reminding me that I have watched that film....Lol, it bothered me for a week that I could not recall what the fuck I saw . Actually it was well acted and compelling story . What I like the most are clothing, color and late 1970s sets. Decent film, but apparently forgettable (at least for me)...Gone girl - waste of time plus Ben de golem Affleck. avoid.The Judge - is probably the worst movie you have a chance to see this year. Soapy , amateur bullshit with a...
Chris Kyle was a true bottom feeder, but that does not mean that he would not make for interesting character study. Just like another decorated sniper of Iraq war Timothy McVey, he is scary, but interesting case worthy of a much better, layered film than that hurray-patriotic garbage that is paraded through theaters in US.
1. American Sniper = Captain Phillips = Crap patriotic baby-food for morons he shoots , he Scoooores...! 2. The Young Ones - uninteresting and pointless. 3. The Theory of Everything - good movie. 4. The Imitation Game - ok movie but nothing great. 5. Better Living Through Chemistry - great cast, amusing, clever at times but lightweight with shitty ending (Olivia Wild is Grrrrt) 6. Under The Skin - I still have no idea what this movie is, but I will never forget it....
You will pay taxes to both. You could live in NJ, Jersey City around buisness distric Pavonia station (slightly cheaper than Manhattan). But I'd rather live in Manhattan with a roommate than alone in NJ. Quality of life in NJ is shit, unless of course you are the type of young person who enjoys Hoboken....Even then , try to rent in Manhattan, you'd thank me later.
I am sorry, but I do not get the aesthetics of these nightstands. Brownish wood with rattan fronts of hefty proportions? It is some sort of mid-century furnt. reimagined by Amish.
Nice chairs, have not seen these anywhere before, Miss BiBi model.
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