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Drinking Johnnie Walker Green at 45Eur for 0.7L quite better than most single Malts I have tried. I once poured leftovers of 5 single malts into my skiing hip flask, that was the best decision I have ever made. That blend was to die for. Single malts are terribly overvalued and overhyped. Blended scotch is where it is at. If you cannot find the one you like , stop worshiping it and blend it yourself.
I hate new YOOX website.
Latest addition. Decorative Delft polychrome handpainted urn 75cm high (perfect for pot). Two Brass lamps with square shades. Apparently I am in the minority of liking square shades, replacements are impossible to find. WTF is wrong with this world?
No need to suspect conspiracy where stupidity would suffice.
In apartment buildings, where I spent my time, it is pretty much unheard off to have a real exhaust that connects to the old air duct or chimney . I have never seen real hoods in apartments they all seem to be filtering air and spitting it right back. Open shelves in the kitchen I do not mind so much, it is wall cabinets that I don't particularly like, makes room feel boxed in . Wives are tough when it comes to kitchens, they very much want the same thing everyone else has...
I personally don't like open concept kitchens that open up to the living quarters. I prefer kitchens to be their own rooms where the doors could be closed. Otherwise smell of food permeates everything sooner or later, tiny grime oil particles settle on all surfaces even vertical ones. I still have TV from my old apartment in NYC that has its screen covered in the tiniest droplets of oil that has traveled with air and settled on everything because we had that ubiquitous...
Polls are instrument to create fav. narrative. I looked at polls someone posted with methodology and breakdown disclosed and it was laughable. They would poll 1800 registered voters, and disclose that 950 were reg. DEMs 200-Independent and the rest REPs. What do you think the outcome of that poll will be? I wish they would stop this charade and just select the US president in Davos.
Best episode of "This Old House" and it is not NE.
New Posts  All Forums: