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You prolly right, sharper pattern the older the item. How did you find it? I don't think I have seen this pattern before.
Not sure , probably 20C. Need to study the mark on the bottom.
That reminded me of the "fuck you" wagon I want:
Apparently PEGIDA members demonstrated in multiple cities around EU today Feb 6. Riot police and horse police were called in Amsterdam because there were around 200 PEGIDA horrible racists in Amsterdam, luckily the Fascist riot was prevented by brave policemen. Over thousand left-wing protesters gathered to oppose PEGIDA were not harmed in the proceedings. They screamed "Refugees are welcome...", I'd like to now what is their plan B in case this whole refugee thing does n...
Doctrine is called Manifest Destiny , established probably in 19 C. I get you now. You are a reasonable Liberal who votes in US elections and supports "candidates for peace".
I mean country of ISrael has a right to its borders and choose who crosses them.What is your point exactly?Ask ISraeli Arabs now, how many of them looking to immigrate to model Muslim-Arab state? How big is Arab immigration from Israel to US or EU? I only have met Arab Christians from Gaza and WB in US.Which state these territories belong to then? Right, these are lawless lands that belong to no nation .What prevents Muslim-Arabs proclaiming their own state, just as Jews...
You very well know that it does not work that way. Consumers and public orgs are not going to google every product to see if it Ok to buy it despite the Made in Israel label. So please don't insult my intelligence.Just like Texas denies Spanish return or Hawaii denies Japanese or Turks deny anyone's return or Poland denies Jewish property claims or Austria ......etc etc. Problem wth Arabs that they cannot return to the country against which they waged a war. That is why...
Nigerians in London would not marry other Nags if they are not from the same tribe. Nothing to do with religion , mind you. They recognize each other tribes by last names. Even Nigerians born in UK follow these customs. They have tribe-appropriate first names too, so parents cannot select any name they have to name kids according to tribal customs.What a savagery,...... oh wait, that is exactly what Europeans are still doing.Fuck Europeans are savages too.
There are political opposition and debates inside Israel on the issue of Arabs and territories. There are no consensus even inside gov. or citizenry . I think you don't see the difference between opposing policies and opposing Israel. Calling for boycott or divestment is not criticism it is a call to isolate and discriminate against the state of Israel and that is not part of a debate it is part of organised movement with certain goals .
I am sure mormon underwear was worn to the Olympics far longer than muslim hijab. Who cares, all these practises need to be ridiculed constantly. Religiosity=stupidity
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