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High marks on that call to Pakistan. I guess Trump is familiar with what sells well in that part of the World. Indians are smart people but they are still Middle Asians that cannot resist the most obvious flattery. Call to Taiwan is priceless. China is already feeling where Trump negotiating positions would be. Nice gesture. Mexico will be a cakewalk, I just hope their peso does not hit the fan further or they wont be able to afford their way out.
Speaking of incentives, that state tax on your payslip is not going to your state. Very often 100% of your state tax is going back to your employer as a state rebate. This is not half as bad, after all money stays in US and gets spent unless of course that company is incorporated in Dublin Ireland or Luxembourg or some other thieving shithole, then your money say good bye. There are so many low hanging loopholes that could be closed with one signature, Trump (if he really...
Search Ebay for measurements provided by sellers. On Yoox look at a leg opening and sleeve cut . If leg opening is really large and sleeves don't look slim or armholes look gigantic then the suit is old and might fit like a tent regardless of size.I have only experience with PZ small sizes and when I order IT46 it fits like slim US 48.
I agree with your points regarding being staid and very trad for Cucinelli, Malo and Piana, but I am honestly glad it is so. They set the bar for quality of materials not for innovation and fashion forwardness. If I want something modern and SW I am going to look among trillion of other brands . However it is nice to know that these trad-looking brands maintain quality in materials and construction and that is why I pay premium for them. Does anyone need weekend bag lined...
Or it could have been ..............Hitler!!!!!
Looks like your friends have been college edcated trained.
Innocent sophomoric assumption of this post is that once you are college 'educated', you cannot possible (no,no.no) see any reason to vote Trump....That is probably correct assumption if by "education" one understands getting your head full of Socialist bullshit, anti-Semitic drivel about Palestine and general all sorts of "progressive, multi-culti" mindfuck.P.S. Everyone I know in NYC except for one couple who stayed at home, voted for Trump or donated to Trump campaign....
I think I have seen Bottega for a while on US Yoox , may be I am wrong. What makes it so good? I checked the selection and aside from crazy prices for both I would still go with Cucinelli peaces. Cucinelli is more like Malo or Loro Piana in appearance and quality, imho. Why Bottega?P.S. My gf wanted to check their weaved bags and after seeing their quality in the BV store in Rome told me that Cole Haan weaved bags look higher quality. I could not believe it and checked...
Always included.Call your hotel ask if they can hold packages for you or open an account with shipping forwarding service and forward to your hotel before your arrival.
If I understood his line of business correctly; he overbills government for medical services, then underpays his employees then complains that he needs more low wage H1B workers cause he has hard time finding Americans willing to work for meager wages.
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