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One show that was great and now shit and another that was not great for over 10 years and now is definitely shit. Thanks Comedy Central for ruining both.
Monte N2 pyramid thingy. After barbeque.
1997 Paul Dethune on Wednesday, Champagne Mercier Cuvée Brut, on Thursday 1973 Champagne Dry Monopole, on Saturday
I have paid attention and watched every GOP debate. I disagree with your suggestions. Trump kept saying the same exact thing over and over and over. Most of the things have been said in an unpleasant way or with an unpleasant tone, but none of them are random or wrong.I watched his foreign policy speech to GOP, did you? It was the most refreshing and common sense speech I have heard in my lifetime from US political candidate of any stripe.Iraq ? Are you really expecting...
Of course personality has a factor no doubt. But on THAT personality you not gonna run far with any constituents. It is not how he says it (which is not optimal) it is what he says that matters to his base (and to analysts). It is; issues he has raised vs. demographics that are receptive to those messages. The game has changed. There is hardly any Abortion issues BS, Gays BS, School prayer shit talks and other usual American nonsense that come up in every election game...
Are you serious? Trump is a test case if ever there was one. If you cannot draw conclusions from his phenomenon than you should get out of data analysis.
To clarify, I restore old things for fun, I don't deal with wood that is completely bare.
It is intended as a stupid article and it succeeds on every level. Making assumptions of discrimination from the start without providing a shred of evidence to support it. Looks like a usual fare written by esteemed scholars of liberal arts.
Did you read it yourself? I skimmed through and realised how dumb this article is.. The study makes comparison on aggregate basis. It does not measure pay rates within the same profession and within the same functional area. Why does this study made to be so dumb?I am certain there are gender pay-gaps and all sort of discrepancies in terms of equal pay . But this dumb article does not address any of it.
Fully services in perfect working order.
New Posts  All Forums: