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12 coathangers, an old ceiling fan and a roll of duct tape and I would build better bed frame than this. ...not the best but, I had to try.
Maruni rendition should be ceremonially burned. (Or donated to pre- school)
Fabio Lenci
I like this. It is difficult to add anything to mid-century vocabulary , but this Sean Yoo guy managed to do just that.
My new antiques, after finding XL box of my old cassettes. I could not throw them out, so I spend 110 and now this beast from 1978 is on my audio shelf. Even if it was dead...,still a design piece from analog era.
Who wouldn't date Mmmmarisssa even if it endangered ones life.
Ballzy "design" move. Home Depot might sue him for stealing the design idea from isle 12 & isle 21.
Will any part of the frame be visibleonce mattress is on top? It is a shame imho if the joinery and woodwork would be 100% hidden from view.
Marrying woman for sex is retarded, just like it is retarded to think that your sexlife in marriage will stay "hot"... Denial is a bliss. Marriage is an arrangement, mostly for emotional and financial reasons , always have been and always will be. If you want to have exciting sex life and personal freedom marriage is certainly not the answer. Marriage, kids, taxes, office job, 4th of July barbeques & Christmas shopping is something people do because their lazy brains...
New Posts  All Forums: