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That site looks like shit, I am not going to waste time and read something that might contradict with my well honed system of beliefs.
2-dem-operatives-lose-jobs-after-undercover-video-comments. DNC already disavowed them publicly, calling them temporary subcontractors (no shit).... http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/10/19/draw-them-to-punch-2-dem-operatives-lose-jobs-after-undercover-video-comments.html#
I think it is a conspiracy to put thoughts in your head, you must hold hands with Gibonius and resist.
I have a few brands in mind that are fully canvassed and use Loro Piana wool , but you have to pry it out of my cold dead hands or lips or something.
What nothing to report today on your pool and water feature?
I have these boots they would fit medium width US 7.5/8 . Superb leather and soles. Slightly canted heel. Absolutely exceptional boots. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/L-F-Lidfort-The-Edward-Black-Ankle-Boots-Size-8-Made-in-Italy-/201695520859?hash=item2ef5fd685b:g:ZVMAAOSwxcRW8ek3
Oh Wow. I came here to admire his new commissions and instead I read this....That is shocking truly shocking. What a pity such a craftsman is gone so early. How old was the man?
Just foking with yea all.
USA pathetic state of affairs when it comes to government and management presents itself as a low hanging fruit for any manager worth his salt. That is why, I think the biggest fear of establishment (Clintons Bushes etc.) is the possibility of someone like Trump coming and making tangible and positive change for the country. I know I know it is very unlikely , but even if remotely possible imagine the horror of all those old useless dumb fucks whose legacy will be...
I think so, straw mixed with mortar? Mortar, which I was told quite different from modern plaster . Apparently mortar is more breathable and allows walls to release any excess moisture. I was told it is very important even for brick buildings.
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