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Silver candlesticks. Late 19 early 20th. Thank you Ebay.
You can buy that table for less than half on antique market. Marble top requires coasters and is very high maintenance.
Just finished 'House of Cards', new season. Underwhelming , like watching "West Wing". Did they change the writers?
I actively dislike this movie and its nerdy pseudo-intellectual concept. Typical movie made by a guy who never been in the army let alone war. Everything about it feels forced and contrived. Watch 'Platoon' instead infinitely smarter movie.Brazil is a classic, one of my all time favorites. Terry Gilliam is a cultural treasure.Only one aspect of Selma is incredible, it is incredibly ordinary.
Chris Kyle was so awesome he once punched Ace Ventura Pet detective in the bar because he talked badly about marine fauna. True story.Chris Kyle was so awesome, during hurricane Sandy he was shooting terrorists from the top of World Trade Center. Mayer Bloomberg nominated Chris Kyle for the Sexiest Man Alive, which his friend Bradley Cooper accepted posthumously. True story.Chris Kyle was so awesome; he once bumped into Lance Armstrong at book signing. Hey Lance you are a...
Ladies that lunch.
Yea, but you can always counter Snowdens' cuntness by clutching your American Sniper doll.
Behold , Vintage IKEA from 1970s. Everything was better in 70s,
Better lock ,imho, would be ABLOY.http://www.abloy.com/en/abloy/abloycom/products/abloy-lock-cases/ABLOY is aslo a perfect solution for people with 33 keys. Their cylinder systems allows for one-key solution to multiple doors.I have one key that opens entrance door to the building lobby, my post box, my apartment door and my guarage and also the basement storage -one key does it all while it obviously would not open any doors that do not belong to me.
1990s had also Reservoir Dogs and The Double Life of Veronique.As much as 1990s sucked in music they were pretty good for movies.
New Posts  All Forums: