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Attempt at building a wet room with a properly sloped floor tiles to the main drain has failed and backfired. Craftsmanship and intelligence are almost incompatible these days. If manual labor impedes brain development then Darwin was wrong?
Bookmatched Walnut over pine wardrobe for wood lovers. It was sold locally and fit the place I have , not my style but would do in a pinch. Gilded frame of large proportions, just though it is awesome even empty. I do hang empty frames sometimes, I like the look.
The New Yorker wrote that it is over 3.2 billion figure for this project. Part of it, I hope, spent on Path and Subway.
I am interested in eye glasses case made of alligator with calf lining.
Just a lot of taxpayers money. I wonder how long is the tax abatement on that fucking thing?P.S. Looking at his website, it appears that Calatrava does not built anything else but awful spindly things. I have heard his name before, but never actually looked for his buildings. What an awful architect he is.
He is the new Gaudi, like the World needed another one....
It is not finished yet already looks dated. Horrible, gimmicky concoction. http://www.calatrava.com/projects/world-trade-center-transportation-hub-new-york.html?view_mode=gallery&image=1
Consider Lexus IS 200 for awesome 2liter straight 6 cylinder engine with plenty of torque and rear wheel drive of course. For more outrageous version Lexus IS 300 (Supra engine inside tiny sedan). You can use Toyota parts for these cars to save money and Yea, these are reliable cars.I drove one just recently with Auto transmission and 2L 155 HP, it was a lot of fun. Great little car that really moves.You can get one from 2001 and newer with 70-100K miles for around 6K.
Roger Testu 1913-2008 , original ink drawings for French magazine. Very well executed ink cartoons with original annotation in French, signed Tetsu. Judging by the dress of characters 1950s-60s? Heavy vellum paper , slightly larger than A4. Unframed. I have no idea which frame to choose, for these; something period 1950s? Matt or no matt? Which color?
Brand new in a box. Bought at BG . Made BY ANTONIO MAURIZI IN iTALY. SUEDE ANKLE BOOTS ON St. Mauritz mountaineering sole. Storm welt on light brown leather sole. Gorgeous boots with jeans or cords.
New Posts  All Forums: