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waiting for AF with global warming remarks in one two three.....
Thank you Goombah. I am on a roll, I have no clue why I bought this , I don't even have a fireplace. P.S. I have to say that 19 C. consumers who've demanded the firewood andirons (chenets) to be made to this level of craftsmanship grew up with aesthetic sensibilities long lost in today's overpopulated world.
For cheap but also nice alternative to crystal I occasionally buy depression era glass from states. I only like etched patterns , but I have to say those were really nice designs and they are still incredibly affordable. Still on my bronze handles bender. (I have a lot of doors). Two entrance door knobs from France (early 20th C.) massive 8cm. diameter. Interior door handles.
Just won these 'Bunny' pattern 19 century flutes. Not sure why it is called bunny , but the pattern dates back to 18 century and aesthetically superior , imho, to anything modern. Then there is this of course, hardly anything comes close to the Empire designs. Thank god this is still being made. http://www.select-interiormarket.com/en/baccarat-empire-champagne-flute-1601109-harcourt#!prettyPhoto[gallery1]/0/
What articles of Danish design were they stealing? Not the furniture I hope, that would have been comical to steal Danish furniture in Denmark to resell to Danish? I cannot think of any other danish design articles that would have been desirable, may be glass???
too office too cottage
IB KOFOD-LARSEN, Seal armchair, 1956. Manufactured by OPE Möbler, Sweden.
IB KOFOD-LARSEN, Seal armchair, 1956. Manufactured by OPE Möbler, Sweden. Buy two of these on Craigs or Etsy, reupholster in brown leather. Make it your own.
Fantastic, wish the trees would not pull the apron.
How will you folks narrow down your sizes in these varied lasts and shoes? I have been VASS customer for many years and visited their store on many occasions and each time I order it is a craps-shoot. Not to rain on this thread , but to alert you to the fact that VASS is inconsistent in sizing. Everything is larger and bigger at VASS nowadays: heels r taller, soles r wider, sizes roomier.
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