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Two mad geniouses, I'd love to be there to see them.
Lomonosov is soo cheap now that RUB crashed. I am going to get me some XL plates in cobalt net pattern. They are hand painted to boot. http://en.ipm.ru/shop/cat/124
You would be too, do you know who her father is? The great , uncomparable Klaus von-assfuck Kinsky.Him and Verner Hrtzog were inseparable, some amazing movies they've made togeather.
"The Continental", That was brilliant , funny every time.
She looks like Nastasia Kinski, but she cannot be...Yea that dude tapped some nice ass, but this is not Rashida Jones. Rashida's mom is someone called Peggy Lipton who were a great lay of its own.
Wow, I like white walls too, so many choices of white walls and chairs with 4 legs my head is spinning . But , I have to bare in mind, Classics first.
I get a warm feeling from this, but I am sure it is not from Arne.
My kind of shabby chick. I love painted furniture and wall panels.
Recent aquisition , very timely for New Year celebration (I need a new year like a hole in my head )... 1996 Champagne , for those who don't know it is the best Champagne year of 20th century, it is still exceptionally good to drink. If you can find Cuvee William Deutz 1996 grab it , it will change your mind on how Champagne 'suppose' to taste. In the same lot was this odd bottle of Armagnac, must be at least XO or better. Well it was only 40 so no big whoop. Three...
I can definately see this happening.I grew up in an apartment where all windowsills were marble (not granite but close enough) I loved them in the summer as they were wide enough to lounge on and read or smoke when parnets were out. I am thinking of installing them in my new apartment as window seats.
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