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Yea , you r right, Socrates said: 'Wall unexamined not worth rubbing!", or something like that.
I think it was Socrates who said: 'Any sponge becomes Magic if you have a magic touch.'
"Magic eraser"....? I was just using any sponge I can find in the bathroom or kitchen with the same results. The genious of marketing : take a household 10 cent sponge and call it Magic.
I always thought that these design classifications are very arbitrary and mostly made up by college 'academics' and salespeople. It is not like there is scientific method being used here ,so I don't quite share your indignation.
Lol i like your sense of humor.
Exactly.Support dead artists!
I have nothing against this 4000 USD derivation other than it is unoriginal. Since you would not even call this similar to the aforementioned mid-century design , I would guess you are the customer they aim for .
No, it is a rip off of Hans Agne Jakobsson design by some hack in order to sell to unsuspecting urbanites at inflated prices. I bet it is made in China.
Don't be sad ,it saves you 3K as it is 4 times overpriced in comparison to vinatge originals sold at the acutions.
Vintage velvet, looks like comfortable place to park myself.
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