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Amazing , http://renaissanceparquet.com/french-oak/ "....In the year of our Lord 1291, in a time when talking about Terra Australis would have taken you straight away to the hearty bone fires of the inquisition, the then French king “Philippe le Bel” created the “Administration des Eaux et Forets” (Administration of Waters and Forests), an institution that survived every hardship of the French history until 1966..."
This is certainly one way to look at it...Did you vote for Obummer?
Sounds very Wild wild west. Do you have your six-shooter near by?P.S. I cannot compete with the above ,but I once swam in the Bellagio LV pool with a cigarette in my mouth.
I'd go with French Art Deco club chairs in leather. Else I'd pick up something Scandinavian on vintage market. P.S.I am averse to buying from stores copies of great antiques when antiques are still available and less expensive.
Hard liquor and cigar while in a hot bath reading a book? This is certainly a fantasy I don't follow. Makes me slightly lightheaded just to think of this.
I was very surprised to see 'my' Cherner plywood chairs decorating Hermes corproate office in Paris. Did Cherner became mid-century cool with urban ghay?
Do you take it with little scented candles?::
And throw away that tub while you at it. I see tubs in every bathroom in US and most of them r used simply as a shower basins, it is impractical among other things.
I like traditional small tile floors with the black dots on the corners, sometimes they are called Victorian tiles.
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