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Brave words sir, brave words, we are indebted to you for your fearless honesty.
Obama never acted on this proposal, but Clinton thought it is :"Ohh , so clever". Withdraw from Taiwan pact and sell it to Chinese in exchange for compete right off of US national debt. Warning: If you click this link you might end up on NSA list. Good luck. https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/23730#efmAEGAEhAHiAIYANlAOG Is that why Trump wants to go back to zero with Chinese and does not recognize One-China policy as a starting point? Man , I cannot wait for...
USA also subsidize profitability of Gun manufacturers , Chevy, Chrysler, Collagen injections, Corn Syrup producers, Baseball Caps and Monsanto among other things. Nice argument., but I would stick with :"...because communism", for brevity.
Right cause communism, I see Venezuela argument there. Cause HC works like "free market" of consumer goods Supply/Demand. Price controls are working in Europe and Japan. Japanese use hi tech diagnostic procedures the most in the World, cause MRI is around 350USD-government price control. That if you want it in private clinic. In Belgium MRI is free (may be 40Eur co-pay) and the waiting time for MRI is the same as in US (few weeks tops).
.Why? Why reducing cost of healthcare through price control would lead to rationing? These are two completely different methods of controlling the cost of healthcare: 1. Is rationing of HC , 2. Controlling the prices of procedures and medicines.One according to you would lead to another automatically, Why why why?
Bev. (VEGF inhibitor ) is an approved drug , not sure if your brother has a solid tumor cancer and what type. But Bev is very effective in extending life if he has cancer that is susceptible to this medicine.Immunotherapy experimental drugs are free if you have the right type of cancer & qualify for medical trial.
Is he eligible for one of the experimental drug trials. Like immunotherapeutic compounds?Is Bevacizumab an option?Just throwing it out there.
Completely agree on ER thing being budget drain and useless to the patient. Doctors in ER have one task only, to make sure you are not dyeing right this moment. If you are stable they'll send you off home with some prescription. So yea ER for uninsured is the worst possible proposition for both parties: uninsured and HC provider. Try visit ER in one of the sanctuary cities in US, it is a fucking Zoo.
Really? I did not notice.Why post it now? Styleforum is full of cunts.Look at all the price controls in Europe and how they affect poor poor Europeans. Don't you know if Europeans need advanced medical procedure they fly to God Bless Amurika for that.../sarcasmPrice controls has never worked , because I say so. Yeaaaa. Ignore Medicare /Medicaid and most of developed World cause they don't fit my delusion.
Oh, no he did not.Now liberals are going to vote for the first black female that comes across their field of vision.
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