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Posts by Medwed It has been used once. It is 99.9% full bottle. 34 boulevard saint germain is a fragrance celebrating our 50th anniversary. 34 encapsulates the scent of its first boutique located on 34 boulevard saint germain with rare and precious fragrances. The result is a fragrance that has an innovative and complex signature, that is neither feminine nor masculine. The 34 boulevard saint germain room spray...
IN NYC you'd have to add 1 in front of these estimates.
Won silk Chinese carpet in Antwerp and this 19C. Italian polychrome in Brussels. This calls for a collection round this Saturday and delicious buckwheat galette while I am in Brussels.
Saw Spoon at Huston City Limits and Boston's Roxy. Very underappreciated band. This should be an official SF song.
Best of Kingdom Come is superbly mastered album. Sound engineer must get a prize for that as it is exceedingly rare now and ever.
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