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Do you guys know about an awesome series called: "Grand Designs"? It is the best home building/renovating TV show in the world! This Old House is an amateur hour compare tho this series.
Amazing effort and vision, like it or not I admire people who spend money on personal visions like this house. Some of the water-features have tacky mosaics but the rest is pretty remarkable.
Hold it , that stock is cheap at 17 P/E. Look at Amazon or Netflix P/Es now those people are smoking crack.
Lots of shares are not restricted for BABA, so if someone like Japanese Limp Bank or Yahoo would like to sell their shares the stock might get down to 80s. I am not holding my breath though. China and India are two countries that are barely penetrated by consumer internet service, I see BABA growing very large in the next decade. I took profit on NOK just to go into BABA, I don't think I am alone. Good stocks are being sold just to free up cash.
All the smart-dumb proxy plays for BABA are down, so much for common wizZdom. Invest in Yahoo!!!
Seven kilograms of rubber mounts being ineffective every 20 years I said being preposterous Herman Miller is.
Thankfully Market orders were not accepted for BABA ,so my Limit at 90 got filled . Waiting for pull back in a next few weeks (if it happens) will fill another leg of my order to hopefully average my cost down a little. Going to hold them just like I did with Bidu. This is my retirement plan. Total portfolio management fees ,so far USD 10.00.
Me too. Very hard to paint snowy landscapes with proper light reflections. Requires good skill and eye. Unfortunately market of good winter landscapes is too small else i would have several.
Pure Star-Trek seks.
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