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I always thought that these design classifications are very arbitrary and mostly made up by college 'academics' and salespeople. It is not like there is scientific method being used here ,so I don't quite share your indignation.
Lol i like your sense of humor.
Exactly.Support dead artists!
I have nothing against this 4000 USD derivation other than it is unoriginal. Since you would not even call this similar to the aforementioned mid-century design , I would guess you are the customer they aim for .
No, it is a rip off of Hans Agne Jakobsson design by some hack in order to sell to unsuspecting urbanites at inflated prices. I bet it is made in China.
Don't be sad ,it saves you 3K as it is 4 times overpriced in comparison to vinatge originals sold at the acutions.
Vintage velvet, looks like comfortable place to park myself.
What do you do if your vac pipes are leaking inside the walls and how do you know if they aren't? Also I occasionaly vacuume something that I need to recover from the bag or canister, how do you do that with central vac if it is somehwre in the pipes? P.S. I personally hate vacuuming and let my gang of robots do the whole thing. They clean the house well and entertain the cat.
Nice winter landscape by Alexander Kramer, one of my favorite contemp. landscape artists. Painting is done in suburbs of Helsinki and depicts Baltic Sea , I used to live there, so it is special for me.
My plan is to have a bi-racial child (hope wife does not mind) and then he/she will be bused to the better school district. Anyone should consider this as a viable option.
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