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Admittedly, I did not grow up watching Batman movies, reading Captain America or any other comic books for that matter, so my opinion of that whole genre is unaffected by nostalgia. I do not comprehend how such simplistic and utterly laughable story can captivate adult audiences on both sides of the Atlantic... The best superhero movie I have seen was "Kick-ass", close second would be first 'Matrix' movie.
Ditto on "Argo" , I could not believe my eyes when I saw that 'made for TV' feature. Oscar worthy for sure (irony). Ben was never really good in anything even in "Good Will Hunting " he was as memorable as any extra.
Cannes Film Fest 1980 doc. https://vimeo.com/120859088
Im afraid you are correct. IT5 imo =US6 , these shoes would be too big 4 u.
I have good memories of that movie from the 1990s , but had no desire to re-watch it since then as it seems to me now a bit sophomoric , full of pathos and naive.
These r medium width shoes.
Mel Gibson is my favorite confused Catholic, loveable a-hole of a Epic wreck. Watching him shot on cell phone video at his South Amer. house crying in drunken depression and screaming into the mirror :"God!, Why did you let me get old?", -fucking Shakespearian! Love Mel. Mel is cool.
Is that a "Moonshine Lamp"..?
I have a theory: Watch old , recommended movies before you watch new ones, listen to old recommended music before you listen to new one. My theory is , there was plenty of drek made in the past in art, movies and music however after many decades only good stuff is remembered and thus it appears that all shit was better 30-40 years ago...it wasn't , it just drek does not survive the test of time. By exposing yourself to the best of the past you develop a taste for quality...
How about mid 80s? Have you seen "BRAZIL" ? Douglas was so good in Candelabra.
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