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He wrote tonight's episode.
FYI: One of the episodes was pulled, parts of it can be found for free online or the entire thing can be found on Amazon/Itunes as an episode if you wanted to pay for it. Pulled out of sensitivity to the Boston Marathon bombing, but I didn't really see the connection (no bombs involved or anything, maybe I'm not sensitive enough) http://screencrush.com/nbc-hannibal-ceuf-watch/
I saw him at a panel and he talked about this very example. Basically he just uses the hell out of search function on Word whenever he needs to remember eye colors.
That poster is a great follow up to Patton Oswald's bit on Parks & Rec.
Great Harrison Ford Clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T0vs9gYydo&feature=player_detailpage
+1. If I haven't watched the latest episode I just wont read the thread that is specifically dedicated to the show. The reader really has to take some responsibility to not to get spoiled if they care about it that much.
Technically sex is genetic, gender is more behavioral/psychological traits associated with masculine or feminine (which may be determined by multiple factors, with genetics being a possible one).
He also wrote Blade Trinity, The Unborn, Jumper, and the last Ghost Rider movie. He has done plenty of good movies, but his track record isn't exactly flawless.
Watched The Loved Ones, pretty great Australian horror movie.
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