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He uses laser hair removal:
In the book he hooked up pretty much out of grief and is a lot younger than he is in the show.
Box for quarterly put together from Do those socks look like something a teenage girl would wear?,32673/
and this:
She didn't have to say it, her expression said enough. The show doesn't really need more exposition.
Nice to see someone humbly take some criticism and try to improve with it. Good for you.
What part do you find spoiled? Most of it's already happened and anything that hasn't is vague as can be.
I'm not sure they would really be gaining anything by having Willas besides adding another character that plays a minimal role, which they are clearly trying to be economical about the number of unnecessary characters they have. Sansa losing the marriage to Loras and marrying Tyrion accomplishes the same thing (IMO makes the Tyrion marriage that much worse because she is losing more) and dropping Willas really has minimal impact. I don't really think the show needs more...
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