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I do think Orange is the new black is excellent and more people should be watching it, but I would hardly say netflix is on a roll. Hemlock grove is easily one of the worst shows I've watched in years and they renewed it.
Very good in IMAX 3D
Had the same feeling when I received mine. I think the color on the website is not true to life.
For all you lucky Breaking Bad fans in NYC:
Not sure I buy it, but an interesting idea about where it is all going:
He basically has, he's not giving any estimated in-store dates anymore.
By it's nature Superman is just a hard adaptation to pull off well, I'm not sure how much it really has to do with Reeves being embedded. At this point I think people just want something with more action and less kryptonite continents than Superman returns.Keep in mind MOS has only 59 reviews up while Iron Man 3 has 264, so the rating could change a lot
I'm excited for this movie but it doesn't really need more hype.
I've had it for about a year. Durability seems good, but it's a real pain lugging it around in an airport without a true shoulder strap. If you plan to fly a lot with the bag I'd go with something else that is going to be more comfortable to use.
I liked the directing a lot but the script less so.
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