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I like Fassbender, but he always seems way too thin physically for what I imagine Batman to look like, especially if he was standing next to Cavill.
I don't know, I could see a lot of the events from MOS leading directly into this next movie, it also helps to firmly place it in the MOS universe and further distance it from the Nolan movies. On the other hand, I was kind of hoping all the death and destruction from MOS would lead into the Superman/Luther relationship, but I could see them doing that with Superman/Batman instead, but that seems less satisfying to me.
I'll translate:All the violence is monster on robot for the most part, anything done against individuals is on the level of something like Jurassic Park type violence (the level of violence seen in that movie where dinosaurs attack humans, probably even less scary in Pacific Rim).There is one scene where a little girl is in danger, but: [[SPOILER]] There are no real sexualization of any of the characters like the following screen shot from transformers, where Megan Fox is...
Should be fine. Probably more family friendly than transformers (no real gratuitous body shots).
Rumor or fan speculation?
How do you know that is really his daughter? (as opposed to faked footage to help facilitate what happens later).
I do think Orange is the new black is excellent and more people should be watching it, but I would hardly say netflix is on a roll. Hemlock grove is easily one of the worst shows I've watched in years and they renewed it.
Very good in IMAX 3D
Had the same feeling when I received mine. I think the color on the website is not true to life.
For all you lucky Breaking Bad fans in NYC: http://www.indiewire.com/article/breaking-bad-film-society-of-lincoln-center
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