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Should be fine. Probably more family friendly than transformers (no real gratuitous body shots).
Rumor or fan speculation?
How do you know that is really his daughter? (as opposed to faked footage to help facilitate what happens later).
I do think Orange is the new black is excellent and more people should be watching it, but I would hardly say netflix is on a roll. Hemlock grove is easily one of the worst shows I've watched in years and they renewed it.
Very good in IMAX 3D
Had the same feeling when I received mine. I think the color on the website is not true to life.
For all you lucky Breaking Bad fans in NYC: http://www.indiewire.com/article/breaking-bad-film-society-of-lincoln-center
Not sure I buy it, but an interesting idea about where it is all going: https://medium.com/sterling-cooper-draper-pryce/e96804523838
He basically has, he's not giving any estimated in-store dates anymore.
By it's nature Superman is just a hard adaptation to pull off well, I'm not sure how much it really has to do with Reeves being embedded. At this point I think people just want something with more action and less kryptonite continents than Superman returns.Keep in mind MOS has only 59 reviews up while Iron Man 3 has 264, so the rating could change a lot
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