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Because Hanks still family.
Todd's uncle could make Jesse cook and leverage/kidnap Andrea/Brock so he does it, with Walt using the M-60 to save them.
Your best bet: http://www.tiecrafters.com/cleaning.html
Conan had scheduling conflicts due to the Hobbit and wasn't able to reprise the role in Season 2.
Season 5 a + b was given a 16 episode order instead of the usual 13 to give them enough time to wrap everything up and give an even 8 and 8 split.
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All that means is we don't know. He may have been returning to ABQ from somewhere, but not necessarily from New Hampshire (maybe after faking his death, running from the DEA, using the guy that helps people disappear and start over, or any number of things), certainly his neighbor was very surprised to see him and he obviously hadn't been living at home for a while.
You are never on Joffrey's side, he's always been a douch and always will be. Walt's had a more gradual descent and occasionally (not so much in this season) has redeeming moments. I don't think I've had any moments where I've rooted for Joffrey, while I've had plenty with Walt. Besides that Walt is more machiavellian in his evilness (with moments of pettiness driven by his ego, like killing Mike), while Joffrey is entirely sadistic.
If he was directing the movie people would probably be much more excited.
Does he know that? Skyler told Marie not to tell him, he may just think his insurance was covering it.
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