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Maybe he plans on taking Saul's advice and ultimately turn himself in and takes the ricin as a way to appear to die naturally in custody (while letting Skyler off the hook).
+1. I figured he wanted revenge for stealing his money + killing Hank. Maybe he's finally dying and wants his formula to die with him. I'm pretty sure at this point Jesse kills him at the end. Jimmy Fallon's Breaking Bad Parody.
He's trying to make up for the lack of Stephen Root.
That was how I read it as well.
The one and only time I took a tie to my dry cleaner (to get the tie keeper sewn back on) they lost the tie, so no.
Because Hanks still family.
Todd's uncle could make Jesse cook and leverage/kidnap Andrea/Brock so he does it, with Walt using the M-60 to save them.
Your best bet:
Conan had scheduling conflicts due to the Hobbit and wasn't able to reprise the role in Season 2.
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