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I thought War was pretty mediocre (especially Darkseid and Wonder Woman and do we need another origin story?, however the Batman/Green Lantern banter was fun) and Superman Unbound was just horrible, possibly because of Bruce Timm no longer being involved.All that said, Flashpoint paradox was excellent.
Maybe they'll be a good 2 hour fan cut of all three movies when everything is done.
Eh. A $20 leatherman multi-tool is fine for keeping in your desk or on your key chain. It will do the very basic jobs it was meant to do and isn't intended to replace a tool box, If I was going to do any real work I would get a real tool. I travel with a $20 swiss army knife and it's served me fine for all the little tasks I've needed it to do. In 127 Hours he was under-prepared for the task he was undertaking (crappy tools and not informing anyone of where he was...
Thanks for the suggestions, ending up going with the Multi-tool and the person who received it enjoyed it. The other gift that went over well was a party game (Cards against humanity), which we played after the gift opening. Other gifts included: Wine, Hot chocolate, a book.
Well the decision wasn't made until after he left to turn it into a trilogy (as opposed to two movies), so I'm guessing there were at least significant changes to the story associated with that.
Randomized and traded.
I have to buy a $20 or less gift for a Christmas party I'm attending. Any great gift ideas or suggestions?
This study?https://dspace.stir.ac.uk/handle/1893/10786Where they weren't testing suits (they were in t-shirts and thus in one color only instead of a coordinated outfit, where you have to at least take into consideration suit, shirt, and tie color) nor was anyone wearing Navy or Charcoal grey (the study may simply be picking up that people prefer a dark color, not black exclusively). I'm guessing if you had suits of the six colors used in the study and asked people which...
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