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Not really. I enjoyed the time theorizing and being part of the conversation about the show.
All a hoax/performance art, and he was just in Her, which he was great in.
I thought War was pretty mediocre (especially Darkseid and Wonder Woman and do we need another origin story?, however the Batman/Green Lantern banter was fun) and Superman Unbound was just horrible, possibly because of Bruce Timm no longer being involved.All that said, Flashpoint paradox was excellent.
Maybe they'll be a good 2 hour fan cut of all three movies when everything is done.
Eh. A $20 leatherman multi-tool is fine for keeping in your desk or on your key chain. It will do the very basic jobs it was meant to do and isn't intended to replace a tool box, If I was going to do any real work I would get a real tool. I travel with a $20 swiss army knife and it's served me fine for all the little tasks I've needed it to do. In 127 Hours he was under-prepared for the task he was undertaking (crappy tools and not informing anyone of where he was...
Thanks for the suggestions, ending up going with the Multi-tool and the person who received it enjoyed it. The other gift that went over well was a party game (Cards against humanity), which we played after the gift opening. Other gifts included: Wine, Hot chocolate, a book.
Well the decision wasn't made until after he left to turn it into a trilogy (as opposed to two movies), so I'm guessing there were at least significant changes to the story associated with that.
Randomized and traded.
I have to buy a $20 or less gift for a Christmas party I'm attending. Any great gift ideas or suggestions?
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