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Afternoon all, couple of repair queries... I'm looking for a good invisible mender (anywhere, happy to post) as I caught the sleeve of a lightweight wool jacket and ripped a small hole and somehow a white shirt has picked up a tinge of red in the wash. It's currently soaking in Nappysan and I'm searching for answers... Thanks
GN, i do have a pair of them, was looking for more of a 'boot'...
Can anyone recommend a good pair of casual boots (with jeans) with rubber soles? A majority of my shoes have leather soles and don't cope with the rain... Something like a Red Wing maybe? Thanks in advance.
I'm hoping for some sartorial advice... I have a 40th on the weekend and the dress code is 'smart casual with a hint of glamour' WTF? The event is being held at a country property with the whole shooting match, canapes, dinner, after party, brunch the next day... Regarding what to wear, I wouldn't know where to start. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Can vouch for Crossfit (Tenacity in Adelaide), especially some of the benchmark workouts, Cindy in particular. Who would have thought you could be so exhausted after 4 minutes of exercise...I've been going for the last 18 months after doing a great deal of running. Great way to mix things up and get off your legs.Not wanting to get into a 'who's the fittest' debate but the Crossfit Games are coming up. It's worth taking a look as they are some amazing athletes...
I think I paid around $50 for my last pair. Bought some Newmora dub monks that creased through the toe cap, I had worn them for a day, expressed my concern to AE and they exchanged them no questions asked (Walnut Strands). I then got some Lowndes from C & J and disappointedly so after a couple of wears are showing signs of the same (fit is spot on as I had them send a couple of pairs over). Might be inherent with the monks I think.
If you get in touch with Allen Edmonds direct (via their web site) and liaise with Tina in Customer Service, they will ship to Australia. Not the cheapest of exercises but they will do it.
On the Neumora's ageing, mine looked like that after one wear. Of greatest concern was the creasing through the toe cap (yours seem to be doing the same). It seems the toe stiffner does not run all the way back to the end of the toe cap. I sent them to Customer Service for an opinion and they are exchanging them (merlot McCallisters on their way), props for AE Customer Service...
Calling all Adelaide-ians. Any recommendations for a good dry cleaner? Mistake number one, don't wear the P Johnson for a night on the town.... Thanks
MOL, in having a better look and understanding of things, this is exactly what has happened with the insert not extending far enough back on the shoe.I have contacted customer service and am sending the shoes back for them to take a look, so fingers crossed...Thanks again to SF for the advice. It's hard work getting things right from Down Under!!!
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