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Ok thanks everybody for the quality posts, I just wanted a watch cause I was kinda feeling a missing link in my puzzle. I most likely will just go with NO watch.. for the short term
Ya, i was worried about that also with tourbillion. ok any rolex recommendations ? ( that are like 5k or something) Thanks
Ya lol. Just something elegant etc. Something with. I'm 23 years old live in California. -No Diamonds -Not Fake -Elegant -Versatile like 1k price area How about one of these?? Stuhrling...
What are some nice necklaces that you can wear with suits that semi stand out? like silver or something or stuff from this versace fashion ?
im still looking for valour/velvet jackets that are like $500 like that. Any other ideas other then ebay... where i can find a blue or purple one?
Where can i get Cocktail jackets like this? without having to pay retail price...
nice jackets Where can i get dress pants like this? or ones that look similar
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