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Just in case it needs a qualifier, its not clothing for someone else that I will also enjoy (i.e. lingerie gifts). Its likely going to be purse. i loathe purse holding even in the car.
I'm interested. Q: what about buying gifts? someone wants xyz for june bday. Or should i just giftcard it beforehand ?
OP what have you bought so far? photo? otherwise this is getting way boring..............
Can you elaborate on this point in this thread or send me a pm. Im curious how that effects USA\USD and my interest in deez
Theory is accessible and in this dollar range. I'm wearing a model similar these in black with calf loafers and a tunic linen shirt(tucked in). As stated above, its casual, maybe dressy casual, but certainly not business casual pants. they have a sheen and wrinkle behind the knee, but they do keep a nice crease in the front. Borderline Friday pants.
1. The baseline/starting fit was not established. You normally wear a 33 in what fit style??2. So for this brand you size up, have alterations performed and the pants fit. So what's the problem?? Every brand/label has their own fit. A slim fit 33 waist dockers chino may not fit the same as a slim fit 33 waist haggar chino. Consider shopping around.3. The fold is probably extra fabric in the thigh and the pants tapers @ the knee; or its from the pocket gaping outward...
damn.& Thank you. That was the wake-up call i needed in a general sort of waywt or projecting to the world sort of way.
If you have a bunch of them or don't wear it every day. Heaven forbid the crown is screwed tight after fixing the time.]a used one. hmm like a non chronograph iwc 3-5 years old or vintage. I'm not super familiar with iwc but look for something called pilot but not "big pilot" or there are some plain ones that are named akin to vacation I'm wearing an automatic seiko 5 with a leather strap. I don't think they are very expensive prob sub $500 like most...
I have white pants. The pockets show through. I'm thinking of removing them. jst wanted a second opinion. I'm wondering if its inviting trouble ( visible/vulgar crotch and buttocks). Kinda hard to test. removing pockets in general: good idea or always missing feel like something is missing. thx
size up, take waist in
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