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Bought this a long time ago, it was a little too big when I bought it but I loved the pattern. Then I lost 30 pounds and now it's way too big for me. Just bought another one in an appropriate size from a forum member. Trying to make back a little of what I paid. Price: SOLD Condition: 7/10. Worn some and washed a couple times. Measurements: Pit-to-pit: 21" Shoulders: 18" Length from bottom of collar to hem: 27.5" Stock Photo: My crappy pictures:
Bought these about a week ago and they're too tight for me from the thigh down. Sorry about the crappy quality pictures, my camera on my phone seems to be falling apart and is putting a weird stripey effect on everything. Price: Sold locally. Condition: 9.5/10 Pretty much brand new, I wore them for a bit hoping they would stretch but since they're 98% cotton and 2% elastane they just unstretch after I take them off. Measurements: Waist: 15.5" Inseam: 32.5" Hem:...
I would've bought this in a heartbeat if it was a medium. Damn.
Quote: Originally Posted by CityHunter Picked mine up from Bloomies like last year for like $60 on clearance...I agree with the good luck in finding it... Damn, what a steal! Oh well, thanks anyway though. I found it on a Japanese online store, but I don't think they ship to the US.
Sorry for being unclear, it's sold out. I was hoping someone knew another place I could find it.
Does anyone know if there's anywhere I can buy this shirt?
Price lowered again.
Another price drop.
Price drop.
I'm selling an H&M leather (real, not faux) jacket size large. I bought it off another member a while back, I think he said it retailed for around $170 but I'm not certain. Worn gently, I'd say it's in 9/10 condition. Selling it because I lost 30 pounds and it doesn't fit me anymore. Asking price: SOLD Measurements: (I'm no tailor but I did my best.) Pit-to-pit: 21.5" Shoulder: 18.5" Back collar to Hem: 27.5" Pit to end-of-sleeve: 20" Pictures:
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