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I thought the trailer looked so stupid, but I succumbed and went to see it... Actually great.
going to the beach this weekend it's officially summer having a big steak for dinner
Killed a bug at my girlfriends house Fixed a cabinet Weightlifting
kind of embarrassing but sometimes the playlists on fratmusic, haha
It's a Wonderful Life Lord of the Rings ("That still only counts as one!")
Human Planet (BBC) -- if you like planet earth then you'll be obsessed with this.. Such good footage.. unbelievable. Seriously missing out if you don't watch at least one episode Locked Up Abroad -- (National Geographic) -- Just like the title says, people get locked up abroad and return to tell their stories. Insane. Repo Games / Cash Cab (I just like trivia..)
I'm a huge fan of monograms. I'd say go with diamond -- it's classic.
I agree, I think you should keep them.
Boston (my hometown) Stella The Butcher Shop Oishii Bina Osteria Dali (Somerville...outside of Boston) Beehive Henrietta's Table (Cambridge) Rialto (Cambridge) Myers+Change Philadelphia Distrito/Amada/Tinto (Jose Garces restaurants) Amis (incredible) Marrakesh (possibly my favorite. So many courses and you eat all with your hands -- delicious) El Vez Lolita Opa DC Bodega London The Square
Undergrad - Econ with a minor in Spanish
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