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Is it common to be hit with customs charges when ordering directly from Carmina to the US? Thanks
Does anyone have IRL pics of the Carmina tanned grain derby wingtip linked below? Thanks
I am planning to get an MTO shell LWB and need suggestions on which model to go with. I found the Williams too sleek with denim and the MacNeil a bit short and cluttered in the front half. Allison at Allen Edmonds suggested going with Aberdeen as a good compromise, and said they can use the same sole as MacNeil, whatever welt I choose, and not put the metal rings on the eyelets. What do you guys think? Since the standard Aberdeen is made with such a casual/rugged leather...
Does the corporate discount stack on top of the the discount and kicker? Thanks
Post 243 and 294. Thanks!
I also like the dark brown smooth leather one you posted just now, and the lighter caramel-ish colored one you post often. Care to share details on those?
Victor - awesome photos! Can you tell us more about your briefcases - the various brown leather ones especially? Thanks
I apologize for being slow this morning. Is Betty able find in-stock shoes that don't require the mto charge and do not show up on their web store? Thanks
Burgundy cordovan macneil in 9D please. Thanks
Is this still available?
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