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SOLD! 42R Luciano Barbera Collezione Sartoriale Classic Medium Grey Sportcoat, hand made in Italy by Mystery Maker Classic color. As good as ready to wear gets. Enough handwork to satisfy even the biggest hand-sewn-fetishists. In the same league as Kiton & Attolini (actually, Attolini used to make LB Sartoriale) I can't tell who the maker is, the maker's tag is one of those Kiton-style hand written ones. Disclaimer: Apparently, some people are interpreting the color...
Okay, so one more drop... don't really feel like dealing with Ebay. Just the Barbera left. I don't think the Banana counts around here.
last price drop.
last price drop
drop yet again... this is going to have to go the ebay route soon, ya'll
price drop again.
price drop
drop again
Quote: Originally Posted by Cravate_Noire Stile Latino is Vincenzo Attolinis project that reflects similar aesthetics like Attolini, but the actual make is considerably different. Hand work is limited to a hand set collar, sleeves and hand cut fabric (on patterned fabrics the care for very well for matching). The rest is machine made, what reflects the price which is ca. 1/3 from Attolini's. They make a really really soft and comfortable coat, it's a...
Quote: Originally Posted by refinity03 What's the fit like for the jacket and trousers of the Stile Latino? Fit is slim but shapely. Meaning it's not just plain skinny, it hugs the contours of your body well and doesn't squeeze on you, if that makes any sense. It's really hard to describe, I've tried almost all the styleforum favorites myself and this has arguably one of the best fits I've ever tried on.
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