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Working at an office where nobody else wears them, the white linen TV fold pocket square has literally been referred to several times as 'my' signature item. ...
When I bought my first white linen pocket square, it all started meaning more than just a suit for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nelton My first posts, sorry if the photos are a little large ive been having trouble resizing them, and I also appoligise if the photos are a bit rubbish I will get better at posting them, just fancied some feedback [[SPOILER]] I like that SC very much, Nelton. Combined with those chinos they make a great base for a summer fit, but I think you would benefit from a slightly less vibrant shirt. How about a light pastel colour,...
Quote: Originally Posted by newbie123 I need a dark blue patterned tie to match with solid charcoal gray and solid white shirt. Is this a decent-looking tie or ugly? If it's ugly, can anybody recommend a dark-blue patterned tie for under $50, thanks! That tie that will look very decent with a solid and crisp white or light blue shirt. As long as you don't go overboard with patterns, you will be alright.
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