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Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker [[SPOILER]] Dear mr Spoo,That tie knot is perfect. Yours sincerely,
That H&M blazer looks very good. It looks like cotton, is it? Looks perfect for leisure.
Looks pretty good. I like the fabric.
Quote: Originally Posted by Orgetorix My gray DB doesn't look as nice as Aeglus's. [[SPOILER]] Yours looks very neat. Great colour and pattern combination, as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Cool enough weather for a rehash of one of my favorite themes: orange and light grey. [[SPOILER]] Simply splendid. You rock the DB right even though you are of younger age, and those shoes are sublime.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nelton Thanks, it was the first time I've worn the outfit together and wanted to see what worked with the jacket as I only bought it last week. I will certainly be experimenting with it over the summer as I can see that jacket getting alot of wear, as for a belt, what colour? Dark brown, I only have a black belt at the moment as my brown one broke Cheers Nick You're welcome.In my personal opinion, a black belt will look best. A brown...
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Preliminary hearing out in the counties today. Tried to keep it CBD as possible. My right shirt cuff was unbuttoned in this photo, hence it shows more than I'd prefer.I am thinking of slimming these trou by an inch and giving them 2" cuffs; they're a bit stove-pipey for my liking at the moment. Thoughts? [[SPOILER]] Slimming these trousers by an inch would benefit the suit indeed. Also, adding a cuff will complement the...
It does not look very modern indeed, but it is definitely not out of boundries. If you like this style of lapels and such, go for it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Yachting Man You can find suits made of wool in many different fabric weights suited for different seasons. Why bother with sharkskin? +1
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 Another day ... [[SPOILER]] Flawless.
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