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Very clean. The texture of the suit looks beautiful, and even though the tie is a bit busy in my opinion, it works out well.
If you're going to act 'rich' about prices we can all pay, you could AT LEAST never send all-caps messages and drop the "^_^" smiley usage, because you present yourself like a snobbish, under-20-year-old troll. And those shoes are horrible. But that's probably because you don't know anything about quality mens footwear, at all. Have a nice day.
You are not getting any hate, you are getting advice. I recommend you use that advice, because there is no point in posting your fits without any will to improve.
+10. Gheez.
Quote: Originally Posted by Achillus [[SPOILER]] Fellow Dutchie, I've noticed you have been utterly stubborn about accepting feedback on this fit. Nonetheless, I would like to emphasise the fact that this looks ridiculousy tight.This makes you look rather fat and too poor to buy clothing that fits you right. Please, take note. Quote: Originally Posted by molayo I am working on Saturday. I feel your pain, man.
Quote: Originally Posted by Baverso [[SPOILER]] And lift up that pocket square a tad.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH In a bit of a rush this morning, but this is new, so yeah. After I saw these pics I got rid of the clip. [[SPOILER]] Peak lapels done right. That is a splendid tie and I like the look of the fabric, as well.
I have had faith in the fact that you will return to the right path, and I am happy you did, mister Dig.
Quote: Originally Posted by JapanAlex01 Is this what he was taking the picture of? Now that's the eye of a true SFer. Quote: Originally Posted by upr_crust Simply put, posting here has ceased, at least for the present, to be fun, hence I am in self-imposed exile at That Other Website. Even though we have never had a conversation, I am sorry to hear this. I always felt like your posts belonged to the more...
Quote: Originally Posted by forex Spookster,175 lb looks a lot better,it is too big for you now. Ha, time to gain that weight back on Spoo... Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Do I get a pass on the button-down collar since I'm American? (Really want my new shirt to get finished ) [[SPOILER]] That is a splendid combination of darker grey and blue shades. I know it is against the rules, but the BD collar passes in my book.
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