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I would also like comments on this if possible, I just bought two suits and want to establish a working relationship with a decent tailor - rather than going to different ones everytime
So whos got a few cheeky punts on the race soon?
Hi lachyzee, it seems like its only for selected items only - of which MJ Bale isn't a part of. I may be wrong though!
Does anyone else carry one around with them when they are bored or commuting? I usually try to squeeze some fun on the train since i don't have a MP3 player or anything. If so, what are your favourite games? I just ordered the R4DS card, which is basically a modchip for the DS that allows you to download games onto a flash memory card so you end up paying $50 for 'unlimited' games. Feel free to discuss what games you're playing, or what you are looking forward to. I'm...
Cartier, until they stopped producing them. Kent Blue is my preferred one now, although its been renamed Kent FUTURA for some reason. Technological advances that warrant a name change perhaps?
A commerce/economics undergraduate degree at University of New South Wales will set me back at around 24k, indexed at inflation. Damn. But seeing your college loan rates makes me cry, i'm glad i have HECS to help!
Was THIS close to buying one or two on sale today, but thank you for confirming my worst fears Sator. Gotta save up for the Nakhles now :]
incu is rather expensive, with $200 tshirts and what not, but hey - if you want to be trendy thats the place to go. I tend to think that Chinatown's stuff is really bad quality, even the more 'high end' stuff. I'd still say go for Myer, and GP/glue and other stuff if you're not afraid of trying on clothes of the opposite sex.
Yeah on second thoughts i probably am a 34 instead of a 36 as i went to the city malls to try on suits and found that a 88 fit decently well. We don't have a H&M in Sydney so i'm wondering if there are any other brands that are more... well known that could be in Australia as well as the US? I've shot an email to Get Smart the sexy man as well but i'm wondering if his suits would still be considered too casual even after some pimpin' mods? I don't even know my...
Hi guys, So i have a problem right now. I'm looking to buy a suit, but i'm a bit cautious at going bespoke right off the bat as i would be wearing it quite frequently (No rotations) for my part time job. I'm 5'9" (175cm) and weigh around 135~lbs with a size 29/30 waist. I've tried on my ill fitting formal suit from 4 years ago and it fits like a sack at 36R. I know sleeve length isn't much of a problem, but finding 36 ANYWHERE is. I'm looking for a slimmer cut type of...
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