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My apartment smells of mildew, attic dust, cigars, and numerous failed attempts to get rid (read cover up) the smell. Anyway, I might be stuck here for a while. As one would imagine, I have been very fustrated with this monster of a smell clinging to my clothes. Hanging the clothes up is not an option. The clothes will absoluetly reek and have piles of dust with a few days (slight exageration). Storing all clothes in drawer seems to help. Thus, I have even been storing...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel I was just busting balls. I would wear the shoes on the right, the left look a bit too plasticky. Also, when you get chinos, try and get ones that you need to hem at a tailor, the ones that come hemmed like that look kind of cheap. Hemming them at a tailor will give them a nicer finish and look a bit more refined, especially if you are going to wear them with dressy shoes. Thanks! That is very good advice....
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel can we make suggestions about what to get rid of in this thread? Ummm... sure? You may suggest anything you like. But, I might add that the chinos and both shoes are relatively new. Thus, I would be more inclined to wear them with something else, rather than donate them.
Thanks gals and guys! BTW, I ditched the ties that most people suggested to get rid of in my last thread.
These were given to me. Thus far, I've been wearing them exclusively with a solid white oxford and khakis. Any other suggestions so I can get more use out of them? Thanks!!
This is my first time venturing out of black or dark brown shoes. I picked up with cognac wing tips. I just wanted some input on this shade of khaki with cognac. Also, would grey or navy pants work?
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