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I'm an 8.5 in chucks, 9.5 in most Nikes and a 9 in Keds Champion. Would you suggest getting an 8, 8.5 or 9?
Not sure if this is the right thread, but has anyone had any experience with the MacAlister boot? In terms of sizing, does it run true, or do the boots run large like Clarks Desert Boots. I've heard they are slimmer and more narrow, but I'm guessing this wouldn't make them that much smaller. Any help is appreciated.
Aren't N and F vanity sized though, like size 29 is 30, and wouldnt they also stretch as well?
Oh wow, completely missed that, sorry hahaha. They are a size 29 Skinny Guy Deep Indigo
I found a pair of deep indigo skinny guys for a good price, I'm a true size 30.5-31, im around 5'10 145lbs. Would these be to tight or would they stretch nicely?
Well obviously the waist should be the same, but the cut of the jeans is completely different. NS are much less tapered below the knee but do have relatively tight thigh. NC are a skinny fit, they will be tight thigh with biig taper from knee to below. Im just making assumptions based on what sites about the cuts of the jeans says though, I could be wrong.
I've heard good things about kicking mule workshop, sugarcane, and flat head. Im not 100% sure about the quality, but check those brands out.
Yea I have pretty big thighs but otherwise im relatively skinny. They are tight in the thighs only, below knee is pretty loose. I soaked them to get the stacks better, I didnt lose any indigo. If anything the soak loosened up the jeans.
APC PS sized down 1 Worn for about a month and a half. I just recently soaked them and the stacks seemed to settle a little bit better. For some reason the right leg (from thigh to well below knee) is a lot looser than the other leg. I think this is because it is my dominant leg and when walking it swings out slightly more than my left leg so there is more tension in the threads loosening it up. The soak seemed to tighten it a bit, but im not sure. Any feedback is...
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