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Is this still avaiable?
Is this still available? Very interested if it is
If anyone has an Authentic Bayswater peacoat in charcoal or possibly black in size small, I would be very interested! Thanks!
Looking for a J crew peacoat in size small. Preferably in charcoal color but will accept black.
The only tricky part is the vanity sizing. For example if you were a true waist size 30, and to size down one would be size 29. If you were buying New Cures, since they are vanity sized, a tagged 28 is actually a 30 inch waist, so one more down would be tagged 27 would be actual size 29. I got these measurements from Context. Is this how the sizing works?
I don't know guys. I think they will stretch if over time. I had a pair of PS size 30 and they were skin tight at thighs first, then over a couple of months they stretched out quite nicely. What was kind of weird was the stretching increased in the thighs after I gave the jeans a soak. I think you could swing the fit if you are okay with kind of tight thighs for a while.
Ahhh thanks a ton Elysium, think I'm gonna pull the trigger on a pair
Anyone know about sizing with NC's I have heard a ton of different things. I am a true waist 30.5-31, would I be okay ordering a size 28 NC, or would they be too painted on looking?
I have a 30.5-31 inch true waist. Would I be okay getting a pair of NC in size 28? I'm about 5'10 145 lbs with a moderately athletic build for other references.
Would you say they are true to size? Should I order the same size as all my other Nikes?
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