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I'm looking for a pair of Nudie Thin Finn Dry Organic Ecru Embo. I am a natural 31 waist and I want a skinny (but not tight) fit, what size should I go for? I had a size 29/34 but that was too tight in the thighs, waist was okay though. I was thinking a 30/34 or even 31/34 because I heard these do not stretch that much in the legs, only waist. Any suggestions or advice is appreciated!
Anyone have any info on the ebony db? Is it the same sizing as other db's? On the uk site it says to order a size bigger.
Is the J. Crew madras shirt a factory shirt?
Hello all, bought a pair of size 29 Petit Standards brand new without tags off eBay and unfortunately they do not fit. They are completely new, and I am willing to sell them for 150$ shipped anywhere in Canada, or the US.
Selling brand new PS size 29, 150$ shipped
I'm like a true 30.5-31 waist, I have a pair of nudie thin Finns in size 29x34 and I really like the fit. I'm thinking of getting a pair of petit standards should I get size 28?
Need some help sizing shirts from J.Crew, everything but the dress shirts. I am about 5'9 150lbs, usually wear a small in J.Crew sweaters and I have a small Bayswater peacoat which fits well. What size would i be in J.Crew shirts?
Yeah I was wondering as well, I sent a PM two days ago
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