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"exscape" instead of "escape". This one drives me crazy
Got another pair of Desert Boots from for only $67 (including shipping) using the 25% off coupon code EMLBIGGESTSALE11. The code may expire soon, so if you want a great deal, I would definitely suggest hopping on this. It's the lowest retail price that I've seen online for Clarks lately.
Quote: Originally Posted by HarrisonK What color/style pants/shorts can I wear these with? They are called taupe suede and are grayish brownish. What do they work with? definitely some olive chinos
Those N&F x Momotaros look great, with only less than two months of wear. Seriously considering those if they do another batch a year or so from now. I'm working on some Unbrandeds right now, and I'm a little disappointed with the quality. I'll give them until at least the new year What can any of you guys say about the quality of the Momotaro collaboration jean?
The Ronnie Fieg x Sebago boat shoes that have been releasing lately are definitely some of the better ones I've seen. Maybe it's just the photo-editing, but damn, these look nice: he has a bunch more on his site:
Nice fit, especially the shirt. From what I've found, it's difficult to find a patchwork madras shirt that's actually wearable (most are extremely bright colored, and end up looking too silly), but that color scheme is perfect. Hit the nail right on the head with that one.
"hence" Hence, this. Hence, that. I can't stand it
Ordered some in Beeswax Leather in my size for $69. Very excited to own my first ever pair of Clarks!
My friends typically wear raw selvedge denim, Vans Authentics and/or Chuck Taylors, and a band tee. We all have similar tastes in music (Boards of Canada, Flying Lotus, Bibio, Aphex Twin, etc) so a lot of them own different copies of the same shirt, but in different colors. It's a little bit amusing.
Arm & Hammer is the best. You hardly need to use any and it works. Sticks will last me months on end and I won't smell at all
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