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supreme garbstore uscs shawl jacket uo non-flannel plaid shirt aa leather belt apc ps clarks beeswax db's
jealous. been rocking that fennesz + sakamoto collab on the regular since early august, beautiful stuff.
haha, neither uhs nor thms. i go to basis tucson, its a charter school across the street from el con. it focuses on having its students take tons of AP courses and having super accelerated education. like, incoming freshmen take AP Calculus AB and AP Government, that kind of accelerated. the people there suck though, pretentious fucks and shut-in dweebs for the most part. you go the Loft often by chance?
never been to Teresa's, but i can certainly say that Tucsonans are blessed with some of the best Mexican food you can get in the US. i got my APCs from needsupply
this is probably not the thread for this kind of chatter, but w/e"Saffron Revolution" is the name of an excellent ambient track from Fennesz off of Black Sea, and a reference to the protests against the Burmese government's revocation of fuel subsidies in 2007 by Buddhist monks, who happen to wear saffron-colored robes. now ya know.and calexico is great, they usually play here a few times a year so thats always a treat.edit: dope wedding fit, mellowfellow
haha guys i dont celebrate my half-birthdays! im just giving you an idea of how old i was. im not 14, and thats not italian marble, its fucking cork. sorry if i slipped.. edit: and i dont live in the foothills, i live in central tucson..
Thanks for the kind words, truly means a lot to me. I just turned 15 and 1/2. as for my (close) friends, they actually dress pretty well for their age group, mostly in lower-end selvedge raw denim (n&f, ub, apc), vans or converse, music tees and nicer-looking jackets (my friend recently picked up a Pointer Brand duck canvas chore coat and the fit is really good on him)
first fit pic, kinda boring but comfortable plaid shirt from friend h&m aa fishtail raincoat new-ish apc ps (approaching 1 month) tretorn
I noticed that you have size 25 and 26 available for the APC petit standard in raw indigo under the Women's section, but not the Men's. I could have sworn the jeans are unisex. I happen to be 26 in APC, and the OCT10SF code doesnt seem to work on womenswear items, so is there any way you could mark size 26 as being available under Men's as well? Because according to your site it appears to be in stock. Thanks heres the women's link i am referring to, where 26 is...
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