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grabbed a pair of momotaro collab skinny guys for a good deal on ebay. really glad to finally have these in my possession, as ive been drooling over the thought of having a pair of these for a long time. will post fit pics after theyve been hemmed, 39" is just a bit too much to handle
i think it really depends on your body type. some people size down 4 in the NS and end up with great fits, but sizing down 3 in the NC is simply infeasible, regardless of your shape. sizing down 1 from your true size is your best bet
petit standard, sized down 2
(actually from last night's outing, midnight cult classics so technically today...) uniqlo oxford h&m sweater aa belt apc creamy chuck taylor hi tops (no viz)
With the SF coupon code you can get them from needsupply, $158 shipped think cosmic bobo stocks some 27s as well. thats where my friend grabbed a pair of size 27 deep indigo weird guys. theyre just kinda hard to come by
just managed to sell a pair of size 25 apc petit standards for $140 because they were a size too tight. should i size up to 26 in petit standard ($160) or go with size 27 n&f left hand twill skinny guy ($140)? comparing measurements they look as if theyd fit about the same, but im just not sure if i can get behind the texture of the LHTs. thoughts?
from earlier today... shades of grey uo aa belt comune tretorn
$650 is a lot to spend on something you're "not sure" about. Don't know much about your economic situation, but if I were you I would rather get something else purely based on the fact that I'm on the fence about the item in the first place. As for the coat, I could see it looking good layered, but that's about it
thanks for the feedback, guys. probably not gonna need the hat or the jacket, its nice and sunny out today and ill probably only put on some black wayfarers and ill be fine. might as well view the hat in the pic as a means of inducing a tcwalter comment... mike868y, curious as to what you think is the "right stuff" to wear with a supreme cap. loose tee + jeans and skate shoes? cuz thats not really my thing
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