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uniqlo acne nike
also posting this here to get a consensus on what i should do.
Looking to buy a pair of Acne Max Cash's. I fit 28 in N&F skinny guy (skinny fitting on me), and 27 in APC petit standard (also skinny fitting on me). Looking for a slim (not skinny) fit in the max, would 28 be appropriate? i am aware they dont go smaller than 28 and i know they run large so i dont know if it would be worth it just to go with another brand. thanks!
how does the biker jacket run? it and the fair isle cardigan are the only pieces im really considering from this collection.
How do you guys get these 15% off codes? Are they given to you if you make a lot of purchases? Never ordered from TBS shop before so I'm out of the loop
festival en barrio viejo eddie bauer h&m levi's converse
perfume genius tonight (in mild celebration, two photos this time around) uniqlo x undercover cheap monday comune (shitty brand but i like the fit of these jeans) cdg play x converse
how does the SS baker sizing compare to the bedford? also size up 1 from, say, uniqlo shirt size?
spring break rotm aa levi's converse
garbstore h&m aa n&f x momo 1 converse
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