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Are you familiar w Rapp Optical based out of Toronto? They combine acetate w titanium... quite interesting but I'm curious to hear your thoughts on quality and design. Thanks!
Has anyone been to The Spice Table in Little Tokyo? I think it's one of the best Singaporean restaurants in LA.
spice table in little tokyo is insanely good. bone marrow, pig tail, chopped liver, laksa, chicken wings all fantastic
Feels like there are too many places i still need to try in LA! Have a habit of just hitting up the same places.. and I eat out a lot. On my list to try: A-Frame, Waterloo & City, Night + Market... not to including all the dingy places I haven't tried in Boyle Heights & a few more to go in the SGV
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Need to stop by for tacos, pare you down? outta town this weekend-- down for mexicali nxt week tho! also, finally got to try wolvesmouth this weekend... pretty awesome dude
Just wrote a post on what I've found are the best carne asada tacos in LA. I dare you to find better. Mexicali Taco & Co.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xericx speaking of tacos: esp fish tacos.... anyone try Ricky's Fish Tacos? It seems like a hassle finding it, then parking. Not really a fan of Best Fish Taco in Ensenada over in Los Feliz....I do like Taco Baja Ensenada over in East LA though and Taco Nazo (chain). yeah taco nazo sucks bro... Ricky's Fish Tacos is incredible. Worth the wait and the hassle. Park in the Vons lot across the street then run over...
Quote: Originally Posted by CityHunter I've tried Carmela at the South Pasadena Farmer's Market and that stuff is awesome. More Bi-Rite, less Scoops. They don't dive into Crazyville with their flavors, but they are still pretty uncommon (salted caramel, buttermilk strawberry, earl grey, etc) Carmela's mint w cocoa nibs is crazy amazing. big taco fan here too... anyone hit up mexicali taco co. on 1st and beaudry? best carne asada in LA.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Had the niman ranch burger and quite enjoyed it. A couple of aspects about it I preferred to the gs burger (slight charred crust, toasty bun and the pickles/sauce) but with a couple mods the gs burger would be as good if not better. you hit the nail on the head and that's exactly what makes Rustic Canyon a better burger. GS doesn't do a good of a job charring their crust, and the beef isn't quite as flavorful...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini To mind, most of the "real" Brazilian places I've been to are out on the Westside like on Venice but usually it's pretty home-cooked fare so I'm not sure how much people would really appreciate it if they didn't grow up on it. I'm assuming you're referring to the Brazilian enclave in Culver City? Some interesting stuff there! Have you tried the brazilian pizza joint? haha!
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