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There was a mistake at Mr. Porter and I ended up with both of the last 2 pairs. 1 ordered and 1 in my reserve. Just cancelled the reserves so they should be showing in stock there for 375 in Chocolate and grey if thats your thing. Edit: Gone already? Considered purple and blue, decided against it. They have 'em in 8s and 9s
I would host an exotic fetish show during the opening and hope for an accidental shooting in which no one is really hurt.
Toronto sucks. Already ordered 9s and figured I might as well check with yall first so I could nip the problem in the bud if it was going to be unmanageable. Sounds like they'll be okay, which is good because I've just been informed they were shipped a couple hours ago. Btw those are the only Rick Sneakers I like, and I like them a lot. All the other colorways are a pale imitation. Doubly true after any of them have seen a season out and about.
43 MMM. 8 or 9 Lanvin? Lanvin His. Ordered a pair and have the last in 9s inreserve if anyone wants.
What does your bulk lv leather guy do per foot?
Buyer bailed. Still available!
Where 2 kop LV sleeves?
If anyone is looking for Officine Creative on the cheap, most of these are at least half off and I imagine the rest aren't far behind.
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