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I am consistently unimpressed by the look of Balenciaga's sneakers. Anyone else feel this way? Everything else is pretty spot on but those shoes...
LOL takes more panache than the usual Rick shit IMO.
Uncontrol killing it. I would never wear that but I think it badass. Is the detailing snake? Honestly I am pretty sure its between a Rodarte x OC knit dress for my girl who looks unbelievably beautiful in it, or this thing
Nice boots, get em sold.
^ Black Techno midtops. Do it.
Edit: ^This! First scuff sucks, 5th you won't notice. I worry more than I should when they are new but I only ever end up wearing the ones I love most. I've found a lot of things you wouldn't expect (suede, some leathers) stand up to rain with minimal protection as I often forget to reapply with any regularity. Also I live in Canada so there is a lot of the year when I rough it in Bean Boots or Sorels.
If anyone has seen the new stuff they're trying out on Bloor in Toronto, how did you find it? I was thoroughly impressed. Its not unbearable to be there now! Edit: I should add that apparently they are collaborating with Alex Carleton of L.L. Bean Signature for the interior design of their stores. Trying it out in Toronto, then NY, then everywhere else. So strange for it to come here first, but tis definitely cool. They carry Tanner Goods, Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots,...
Year ain't done yet.
Lanvins came in. 9 Fit perfectly (for reference 43 MMM and 42 in CP) and much more comfortable than either. I thought they would be too large but it seems that wearing Margiela lows laceless has made them more comfortable for my wide foot. It's strange because my mids fit perfectly laced but the lows were uncomfortably tight. Edit: Me gusta. Outsole is bronze. Thank you girlfriend! Should I do anything to protect them?
Jslade done good, should be alright. I'm a 43 in GATs, 42 in CP. I found 43 CPs sockless during the summer a bit large. Traded for MMM mids in the same size as usual and they were perfect. Fingers crossed on the Lanvins, otherwise keep your eye in BST
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