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Anyone know if Context/Revolve have coupon codes kicking around? Also, I seem to remember BiG had Momotaro on sale for 30% off sometime last year. Any idea of thats a regular occurence?
These are some of my favorite pants and I just broke a pen in the back pocket. You in Toronto?
Nice jacket man. Toronto, right?
I am amazed at the number of times I have seen families or groups posing for photos outside of high end retail stores on Bloor street in Toronto. I don't know why anyone would want pictures of themselves or their kids, presumably on some sort of vacation, posing infront of Chanel, LV, Hermes, etc. with or without bags of recently purchased goods from inside. It kind speaks to a sort of next-level consumerism that is always good for a laugh though.
Wasn't Vince wearing this in the series finale of Entourage? Nice cardigan. Would be all up on it if I was in need of another shawl collar. Get it sold!
Sheer Rick tee with a Limited Edition print. Diagonal seam along the back, fits like a standard Rick Tee-long and drapey. Worn less than 5 times, always drycleaned. Condition is perfect, no holes or stains. Fits 36-38 and any height. Purchased from LVR. Alas my Rick collection never got off the ground and it's difficult to fit it into my rotation. Looking for 140 OBO . Dropped to 120. Located in Toronto, Canada. Willing to ship anywhere. Combine with anything else I...
Waist is 15 Inseam 33 Hem is 7.5 Hope this helps. Let me know if you would like any other measurements/what exactly to measure lol.
Simply put they are too big for me, have seen wear on less than a handful of occasions. No stretching. The lining is in flawless condition, no holes and almost no pilling (you can see the only example one of the pictures). Color is black, leather is in great condition. These gloves have their whole lives ahead of them, so hopefully someone else can get the chance to enjoy them. Located in Toronto.
Does anyone know if and when Margiela or Cutler + Gross eyewear goes on sale?
If I were truly baller I would run in these but not be caught dead in anything else I've seen from them in the last while.
New Posts  All Forums: