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Looking to sell some Momotaro 0701 that have seen about a month of wear. Showing minimal fades. Unfortunately too small for me. The top button has broken off. I can have it repaired at Sydney's in Toronto if one prefers, but in the past I have found their work sub-par, so If one prefers or has access to a better denim shop in another city I recommend going with them. Pictures should be up within 24 hours. They are the best made jeans I have laid my hands on, much better...
Title says it all. BNWT Marni for H&M Coat in a medium. Brand new, never worn, with tags and the packaging they came with. Have the garment bag and hanger as well, Located in Toronto, Canada. Features red details on the inside of the sleeve, etc. $80 shipped within North America without hanger, 90 with.
Laceless like they should be. Get em sold.
Check for Silent on Yoox, they have a good run of similar hoodies without the shittyness of being Allsaints. Does anyone know if Context will mark down for international orders to save on duty? Got dinged during the Porter sale and if his can be avoided I can expedite shipping.
How much stretch did you guys see? I'm a 29 in Dior pants, 28 in raws. Debating between a 29 and 30.
Yes. I'm looking for codes for the first two. And asking if BiG has sales coming up. Think of it as 2 or 3 distinct questions, whichever is easier for you to understand.
Anyone know if Context/Revolve have coupon codes kicking around? Also, I seem to remember BiG had Momotaro on sale for 30% off sometime last year. Any idea of thats a regular occurence?
These are some of my favorite pants and I just broke a pen in the back pocket. You in Toronto?
Nice jacket man. Toronto, right?
I am amazed at the number of times I have seen families or groups posing for photos outside of high end retail stores on Bloor street in Toronto. I don't know why anyone would want pictures of themselves or their kids, presumably on some sort of vacation, posing infront of Chanel, LV, Hermes, etc. with or without bags of recently purchased goods from inside. It kind speaks to a sort of next-level consumerism that is always good for a laugh though.
New Posts  All Forums: