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Is that a thing now? In 2008 boat shoes were ubiquitous at my college, but mostly because they were the only comfortable footwear casual enough to wear to class and still permissible at dinner.
Fucking Canada
Where can I buy this?
Clearly. The point is the Zimbabwe cotton has much less stretch than almost anything else on the market. Read the measurements, go by that. Just don't expect momos you buy uncomfortably tight to stretch out.
Whatever you do, don't size down. I sized down less than with any other raw denim I've owned and they were ludicrously tight. I thought it would be ideal to barely be able to do up the button when new. Instead, they stayed tight for a couple weeks. The I fell down some stairs after a bit of drinking and the top button popped right off. If anyone wants some 0701s cheap, and doesnt mind replacing a button hit me up.
Curious. I have GAT lows in a 43 are roomy but worn laceless. Mids fit perfectly. Lanvin highs in a 9 feel comparatively snug but in a comfortable way. Maybe they are narrower with all the padding or something? I will have to investigate this tomorrow, but it does sound like I will be able to make the new additions work. Either way, if someone has some nice boots they need gone, and wants the black Rick dunks with white sole holla at me.
I'm a MMM 43 and Lanvin 9. Coming into some Rick in a 44. Am I fucked?
I have ruined so many pairs of socks. Most of the dye washes out, but enough remains that nice socks then can't be worn with other shoes. I thought it would stop but it never has.
The jacket is black under most conditions. Intense light or a flash makes it appear the sort of brownish you see in some of the photos.
Title says it all. Was purchased as a gift rushing through Dubai airport, but has since just at around. Retails for $205 before tax in Canada. In perfect condition, never tied etc. 100% Silk Located in Toronto, Canada. Looking for 175 shipped withint continental USA. More detailed pictures can be found here.
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