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Will someone please share the love?
You look svelte. Sell me some.
Anyone care to proxy this Plokhov shits? Cash ready.
Can anyone comment on the durability of Guidi? They are beautiful and available, but I want something that can survive the slush and salt of at least 2 Toronto winters. I have wanted a pair for quite a while, but now that I find myself in a position to grab some I wonder if the hell I plan to put them through might mean I'm better suited to just getting some MIE Dr. Martens, spending the rest of the money on clothes and waiting until summer next yea for boots Also, the...
Never wear that jacket to Toronto in the winter.
Your expensive clothes are bad and you should feel bad.
Waiting in line to buy a bad sweater out of a truck that was 100 degrees inside was a mistake.
Stollery's bro.
Deets on jacket?
Thermoplastic sole is the only sole for me.
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