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Is it Reigning Champ? If so, probably worth it. I've picked up W+H tees at the end of the past several seasons for less than half price at a number of places around Toronto. They are all great. If it's CYC made, pick it up.
Any codes for forward kicking around?
Quite honestly, I would wear very little of your wardrobe. But everything always seems thoughtfully and uniquely put together. You seem to have developed a very distinct aesthetic that is probably not to most peoples taste. Even when its at its most extreme, you always look comfortable and relaxed enough in it to pull it off and make it look great.I don't know if Montreal is anything like Toronto in terms of fashion, but if it is, you must turn a lot of heads.
I'm a small, but picked up medium because it seemed like a good price and that's what they had. They'll only really be worn under sweaters, and all sizes are the same length. If the torso is too much like a tent, they will still be cheaper than retail after tailoring.
Brad has truly unstoppable steez.
Ann D tank would be a great long undershirt for layering.
Forward has them for like 68 down from 112 or something. There was also a code I used to get 10% off. They have some of the longsleeves and tanks left. They are Silent, btw. Hoody was DRKSHDW and crazy marked down.
Some comfortable layers for the fall. Aping the-Arm a bit with this one. Thanks for the inspiration. In Aubergine and Black. In lead.
Would any American SFers be interested in proxying a small order from the corner for a Canadian? Apparently they don't ship here, but if they accept Canadian Mastercard it would be rather straightforward. Would of course include a small giftcard or whatever for your trouble! Really hope this is the right place/appropriate.
Just wanted to thank whoever posted that tulip worked on forward. Saved me 10% on some basics! They were already marked down as well.
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