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Brad has truly unstoppable steez.
Ann D tank would be a great long undershirt for layering.
Forward has them for like 68 down from 112 or something. There was also a code I used to get 10% off. They have some of the longsleeves and tanks left. They are Silent, btw. Hoody was DRKSHDW and crazy marked down.
Some comfortable layers for the fall. Aping the-Arm a bit with this one. Thanks for the inspiration. In Aubergine and Black. In lead.
Would any American SFers be interested in proxying a small order from the corner for a Canadian? Apparently they don't ship here, but if they accept Canadian Mastercard it would be rather straightforward. Would of course include a small giftcard or whatever for your trouble! Really hope this is the right place/appropriate.
Just wanted to thank whoever posted that tulip worked on forward. Saved me 10% on some basics! They were already marked down as well.
Will someone please share the love?
You look svelte. Sell me some.
Anyone care to proxy this Plokhov shits? Cash ready.
Can anyone comment on the durability of Guidi? They are beautiful and available, but I want something that can survive the slush and salt of at least 2 Toronto winters. I have wanted a pair for quite a while, but now that I find myself in a position to grab some I wonder if the hell I plan to put them through might mean I'm better suited to just getting some MIE Dr. Martens, spending the rest of the money on clothes and waiting until summer next yea for boots Also, the...
New Posts  All Forums: