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Hi guys! New to Boots, and looking for something that can perhaps stand up to Canadian winters. Looking for something pretty high and has to be black. I was looking at some high Marsells and first of all I wanted to know where the brand stands in the eyes of those of you with a little more experience in the area. The ones I was looking at ran just over a grand, and I figure if considering dropping that kinda cash, I might as well check if I'd be getting screwed. I've...
Emailed them yesterday to ask the same question. I'll let you know.Edit: Heard back. Since they aren't putting anything from the sale online it looks like we might need to find alternative means. Anyone wanna make my year?
Can anyone proxy at this?
JS are decent jeans indeed but the quality of construction and denim is definitely lacking at their retail price point. The riri zipper has been great (only zippered jeans I will own) , as is the over the top use of that crazy orange selvedge but the feel and durability of the denim, its fading properties, and in particular the stitching leave something to be desired. To be more specific, they only use one rather lightweight type of thread that doesn't hold up well....
AAI am located in Toronto and am willing to pay shipping for both parties for shoes in similar condition, or potentially add cash for something more expensive Received as a birthday gift without the receipt and found them too large. They are a size 43 and come with absolutely everything new, including laces, dust bags, box and even that finely crafted CP branded tissue paper. I would like to trade for either CPs in a 42 or possibly a 41. Alternatively, Margiela GATs...
Whatadouche. Did he provide a tracking number? When I say just got I mean they arrived in Toronto this morning, despite being shipped from Edmonton on June 5th. I wouln't write off receiving them for another week or so, but don't expect the described condition.
Just received Dior boots from linkinwayne. Shipped extremely poorly wrapped in bubble wrap, they were described as a "9.5/10" but have been resoled (of which I was not informed) and are probably more like a 6. I don't know how much damage was a result of them being mostly unprotected and shipped without box, or whether they were this beat when he shipped them. Either way, i am generally unhappy with how the whole thing went, including the month or so it took to actually...
I think its likely to have been problem with Canada Post as they have been on strike. I just got my Dior Boots over a month after they were shipped. They were in a soft envelope and are beat to shit. Described as a 9.5/10 but have been resoled and are probably more like a 6. Whatever to feedback.
WTB Dior raws, 19cm in a 28-29 ideally Selvedge. Must be UNALTERED and without sick fadez etc. I'll love you if you're in toronto. PM Me! Also interested in some slimmer fitting/tapered sammies.
Bump for great dude!
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