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Anyone know where I can find this DRKSHDW hodddy in a medium in black? or a US proxy?
Received these on the way out of a Ray Ban sponsored event in Dubai and simply put they are not to my taste. Hoping to find a good home. Looking for 100 Shipped (OBO) within North America. Dropped- 70 shipped
Back on SF and these are available!
Thanks guys! Usually I would have done this with a black tee and I feel like the aubergine is making this look particularly weird in the crappy light. I will either try to fix this up tomorrow or just do something entirely different. The pants were my first grail. Wax coated Dior Cords. they were a little big so I had them tapered and I'm kinda worried I've ruined them. I could theoretically get them put back the way they were, but I didn't love the fit of them as much as...
First WAYWT after years of lurking. Criticism welcome
I feel like drop crotch is difficult to pull off, but perhaps the tendency to look diaperish can be moderated with a very long shirt with a bit of drape. It seems like the tee worn only drapes nicely at the expense of adequate length. Also I would say no to that footwear.What I'm really trying to say is I feel like dropcrotch only looks really good to me when styled to look like a highstreet tall tee and sagged pants, while actually being able to wear the trousers at a...
Harry's sucks. Their SAs suck. Bloor carries Lanvin now though, which is nice. I only ever go there to browse though.
I was at a birthday party for a friend with a bunch of people from my university yesterday. They were all wearing H&M Brooks Brothers and J Crew with thick rimmed glasses. The circles I frequent are generally composed of people who care how they look, but don't give a shit about "fashion". Comments on what I was wearing ranged from homeless to dapper homeless. IIRC I was wearing Rick x3, Silent x2, Dior, Yurman and Doc Martens. And honestly, I kinda prefer it that way,...
Deets on black poncho?
All the after hours in Toronto are like scenes from films set in some dystopian future. Smoking indoors, illegal gambling, cocaine dealers and thugs.
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