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Rick Dunks on LNCC are crazy cheap right now. 495 CAD shipping and tax in if I am reading it right. Sizes available in all black up to 41. Other colors available in larger sizes @ 650. Edit: Just checked CC statements. Prices reflect USD. Heads up to CDN buyers. Still a good deal.
Having worked at Starbucks before, I would caution against wearing anything that isn't black. You will regret it within your first week, after spending an hour after every shift trying to get coffee, mocha, or any number of wildly colourful bits of pastry etc out of your fresh white shirt or khakis. That apron doesn't actually afford a great deal of protection. You'll get tired of blowing all your tip money on new white shirts. 9/10 baristas who have been in the bean game...
Hey fellas, Getting one of these Rick stooges from chobochobo. I'm 6' and 170-175'. Weight is likely to increase 5-10 lbs in the next several months. I will generally wear 2 tees under it. L or XL? Any thoughts appreciated.
Purchased from re-porter several years ago. I am using their photos. I can provide updated photos if you like, but my phone camera is not very good. Shoes are sized 41 but fit a bit larger. I am a 43 in MMM, 42 in CP, 9 in Lanvin etc. I can get into these with thin socks fine but the toebox is a tad too narrow for them to be comfortable to spend a whole day walking around in. If you are the same size but with narrower than average feet or 1 size smaller, these should fit...
Buying a set of a few with maybe a smaller one to act as a strapped up wallet would make it at lot easier to swallow I think. Really awesome stuff by this fellow though. Haven't been this excited about design since I was introduced to Rick Owens...
I feel like you need to own like three to really pull it off. Amazing though. How much was retail?
Drop crotch is a state of mind.
Should I buy a used Rick Owens Mollino in oiled calf for 1200? It seems like a lot for a used jacket, but I really like it.
Anyone know where I can find in black? or a US proxy?
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